New Jersey Roads - NJ 109

Tiny shield NB at Texas Ave., before leaving Cape May, and the strange shields at the end of Texas Ave. WB, in the middle of a small square.

Here's a SB photo at the U-turn that leads to those weird NB signs. What are you doing, Cape May? What is any of this? What is that Parkway shield and how did you manage to get it on both white and black backgrounds in the same circle?

The NB beginnings of two important roads. The first, reflected in the small red arrow, is Ocean Drive; trailblazers follow NJ 109 north, US 9 west (south by signage), and end at the ferry docks, but that isn't Ocean Drive by any means. The second is, oh, just the Garden State Parkway.

Now you see what the red arrow belongs to, and the gull is flying around a jughandle to US 9 SB (and a U-turn for NJ 109 SB - so you can really go either way on Ocean Drive).

Put it all together, and Cape May County finally replaced the trailblazer.

Sandman Blvd. (US 9 from the ferry docks) used to head straight into a Y intersection with US 9 merging from the left. It wasn't until later that US 9 was rerouted down Sandman (which was only completed in the 1960's) and the rest of the route into Cape May became NJ 109. That's the point when the Y intersection was reconfigured into today's T-with-a-jughandle, which facilitates EB-NB and SB-WB turns. The remnants of the original sidewalk are toward the right center of this photo.

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