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Nikesite Road, Union County

Nikesite Road is the former access to a Federal missile silo (the NIKE Missile SITE) in Mountainside and New Providence; similar roads in other states are usually Nike Sites instead of Nikesites. Now, the government area is part of Governor Livingston High School, and some of the road is a driveway to storage sheds behind the athletic fields. The rest of it, including an I-78 overpass closed seemingly permanently by a gate, remains:

Across the gate, looking down through a crack (you can see traffic if there in person, but the camera can't catch that), and then past the bridge, which carries not just the road but also trees across, part of the concession that got I-78 completed through the Watchung Reservation.

Heading up the side of the mountain next to I-78, Nikesite Road narrows to approximately one lane. Because this was a government site access road to a missile silo never used, it didn't really need the second lane, although with that guiderail there, if two vehicles (say, military Humvees) just happened to meet they would be hard pressed to get around each other.

Continuing north to the end of the road at the east fence of the high school.

Heading back south from there and peering over the edge at I-78 down in the artificial valley.

More glimpses of I-78 as I head back down the road, ending with my then-Taurus in the background parked off of CR 527, Glenside Road.

The Class of 2005 had desecrated the other end of Nikesite Road (in January 2007, so this may have changed), which opens into the high school parking lot off of Murray Hill Blvd.

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