Alps' Roads Special - New Brunswick Mini-Meet

New Brunswick Mini-Meet, September 14, 2008

For once, I'm not going to give my route to or from the meet, mostly because it was so close to my backyard that I've driven all of the roads from here to there many times. Unlike the regular road meets, the mini-meet is generally not announced far in advance, attended mostly by locals, and is of an informal nature. This one kicked off at 9 AM at the house of Adam Moss (left in the photo below). Also attending the meet (from left to right) were Doug Kerr, Jim Reston, and myself. In the background is the original US 1 bridge (now the northbound side only) over the Raritan River, one of the features of the meet.

After clinching NJ 91, NJ 26, and NJ 171 for those who hadn't already, the first feature of the meet was the construction of NJ 172 at NJ 18 in New Brunswick. The former 172 SB onramp and 18 NB offramp were torn up and all traffic detoured, and in the future there will be a new 172 SB-18 NB ramp as part of a partial 3-ramp diamond. Already in, and visible on the NJ 172 page, are a roundabout and new signal on the Rutgers campus. The next feature was a drive-through of the ongoing NJ 18 construction in New Brunswick, turning a surface arterial into a full freeway, and then the recently completed construction north of the Raritan River. From there it was Hoes Lane, the future route of 18, and over to US 1 via surface routes to walk the original northbound bridge. It's unclear whether the bridge is supposed to be walkable - clearly at one point it had sidewalks but whatever's there now has not been maintained in many years. We drove down to the riverside for the meet photo and capped off the mini-meet with burgers. A much shorter meet with a much shorter write-up, but plenty of good photos on the pages linked above.

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