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Monmouth County

Union Hill Road, heading south or east, in Marlboro. Maybe Marlboro was trying to conserve paint.

These signs are in Bradley Beach, just south of Asbury Park (well, with Ocean Grove in between) and a heck of a lot nicer. Yes, that top sign is a two-way sign, and it actually means the T road is one-way in either direction from that point, not merely that you can go either way. The unreflective Parking sign, with large P, is just old, but rainy.

This signal is outside a fire station at the southeast corner of town, and actually controls two directions of traffic. That's why one has flashing yellow (the through street) and the other has flashing red. Since these are the normal modes of operation, they get the top signals on each one. The signal you're facing is Y-R-Y, and the other is R-R-Y. I'm guessing the reason for this is that when the signals actually turn red, the separation of like colors means you know it's actually going flashing-yellow-red and back to flashing. I've seen it in a couple of other places since.

West on Hill Rd. and then north on Walnford Rd. across Crosswicks Creek in Upper Freehold.

Laziness abounds. It's worse to leave off the county name than to slack on affixing a digit.

The first reassurance on Kozloski Road, heading south from NJ 79 around the east side of Freehold. When Halls Mill Road is extended the final block to US 9, CR 55 will form a complete eastern bypass for 79 and 9 (taking the liberty of including E. Freehold Rd.). Because of its proposed importance and four-lane construction, it gets freeway-sized shields, and apparently a state-route banner instead of the gold-on-blue.

Yes, a white on blue shield is hard to find on a signal overhead, but Nut Swamp. That's how I'm ending my sentence.

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