New Jersey Roads - Milltown


This type of LGS is only found in Middlesex County, where a few roads are signed as county-maintained instead of with route numbers. So this isn't CR 3R9, just road #3R9 (originally 3-R-9) under the county maintenance system. In fact, it's CR 606 (Main St.), since most of these have since been numbered. Thanks to Lou Corsaro for pointing me to this sign.

Elm Pl. in Milltown comes to an abrupt end at this embossed sign, and is forced right onto School St. There's no reason to build much farther when up ahead is a steep downhill followed by a river (the Lawrence Brook).

On every roadgeek's wishlist, yellow signs from before red signs were used, courtesy Lou Corsaro. These are on the corner of Townsend St./E. Foch Ave. in Milltown in opposite directions.

More views of more old signs. The parking signs are on Milltown Rd., CR 606.

I can also show you old signals, facing Riva Ave. (yellow) and Clay St. (red).

Railroads are a kind of road, and Milltown's got that represented as well. This is along Washington Ave. near Bruce Ct.

Let's close out with some non-road sunset scenery, looking south from the end of Washington Ave. and over Mill Pond from CR 606.

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