New Jersey Roads - Middlesex County

Middlesex County

On 3rd Ave. or 4th Ave. in North Brunswick, just off of NJ 171, and then another two I found nearby.

I don't even know which town I found this sign in, but it's either in or near Woodbridge.

These ducks run amok along Hartland Commons in North Brunswick. They look so happy!

CR 603 NB at and then past... itself... actually, CR 603 turns left here, following Hamilton Blvd., but the sign does not at all make clear that Durham Ave. has nothing to do with 603.

Durham Ave. WB at Kester Dr. in Edison. The other Durham Ave. was in South Plainfield. They're connected by New Durham Rd. There is no place named Durham, so I'm assuming they were once the same road.

CR 616 EB (New Brunswick Ave.) just past US 9 in The Tangle.

Oh, and 1:17 AM on alternate Saturdays. Green St. WB at Elizabeth Ave. in Woodbridge.

This was in a DPW recycling center, but I couldn't identify which one. Possibly South Plainfield.

This had been the new Brunswick, but now there's a new New Brunswick, so the other one wasn't the old Brunswick, just the old New Brunswick. Or it's the old road to New Brunswick. But there's no New New Brunswick Road, or even a regular New Brunswick Road. This should definitely have been rethought.

Faster! Faster! Chrome St., North Brunswick.

Idden Drive Ay? Oh, I get it. On Plainsboro Rd. EB in the township of the same name, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

George Davidson Rd. SB from Plainsboro Rd., also in Plainsboro.

The last one of these New Brunswick speed limit signs I know of, since the one on Livingston Ave. in New Brunswick disappeared. This is on Remsen Ave., technically just south of the border in North Brunswick.

Sandford St. WB at Remsen Ave., then the square sign in the southwest corner thereof.

I've featured New and North Brunswicks, so here's South Brunswick, on Friendship Rd. heading west from New Rd. It's since been replaced with a proper assembly.

Something not a sign, New Rd. NB over the Northeast Corridor in Monmouth Junction.

Button copy on Culver Road in Dayton, which, like Monmouth Jct., is part of South Brunswick.

Ending the way I started, with a square embossed sign. These three photos are the same intersection.

The New Brunswick mini-meet, 9/14/08

Hoes Lane, Piscataway
Middlesex-Essex Turnpike
West 2nd Street, Middlesex
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CR 613
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