New Jersey Roads - Mercer County

Mercer County

You can easily visit the NJDOT headquarters in Ewing, and part of that includes driving past the sign shop. Though you would need permission and an escort to get in, you can see whatever is out in the yard. In June 2011, that was an advance sign destined for I-295, bigger than a truck in 2 of 3 dimensions.

Second photo courtesy Scott Colbert.

Scotch Rd. NB from Sam Weinroth Rd. (CR 600) past Carlton Ave. Most counties don't have a 600, starting instead at 601. Most counties capitalize NO TURNS properly.

Perry Street WB in Trenton just west of US 1.

Signs passing in the night, in the northwest corner of CR 524 and CR 539.

Cherry Valley Rd. WB to Pennington.

Within Trenton-Mercer Airport.

Maxwell Ave. south from Monmouth St., Hightstown.

Olden Ave., CR 622, EB (first photo), then Faculty Rd. WB at Alexander St. in Princeton. I know New Jerseyans say "Route" for everything, but "Route #" is new to me.

Mine Rd. approaching Stony Brook Rd., west of Hopewell.

King Iron Bridge Co., Cleveland, OH. To find out about the Mine Rd. bridge and other historic bridges, click on that phrase.

Stony Brook Rd., heading east from that awesome bridge to a slightly less awesome one. But this one has an ancient, illegible clearance sign on it.

Speaking of ancient, illegible clearance signs, check out Broemel Pl. WB in Pennington.

The real reason NJ 33 was re-routed at the NJ Turnpike interchange onto Franklin St. instead of what's now CR 633. Because some people just aren't ready to embrace Monmouth St.

1950's yellow sign, Palmer Square in Princeton (with Princetonians reveling in the background), courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Closing with my favorite sign find in the county, cats-eye reflectors on Westcott Rd. WB in Princeton.

CR 612
CR 615
CR 638
CR 640
CR 654, Pennington-Hopewell Rd.
CR 672
Calhoun St. Bridge, Trenton
Crosswicks-Hamilton Square Road
Greenwood Ave., Hopewell
State St., Trenton
Ward St. Bridge, Hightstown
CR 518
CR 524
CR 526
CR 533
CR 535
CR 546
CR 569
CR 571
CR 579
CR 583
NJ 29
NJ 31
NJ 33
NJ 64 (CR 526/571)
NJ 129
NJ 133
US 1
Former Alt. US 1 (unofficial Business 1)
US 130
US 206
I-95 (Mercer section and NJ Turnpike)
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