NJ/PA Roads - Lumberville-Raven Rock Bridge

Lumberville-Raven Rock Bridge

Walking across from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. You know the direction, you know the river, but you don't know that the bridge opened in 1947, replacing a covered bridge that allowed vehicular traffic and charged a toll. Adam Moss wishes to add that when a section was washed out in 1903, there was a steel truss added for the last 40+ years of its life. You can see that even on a cold day, people take their dogs into New Jersey to do their business.

Back west into the Keystone State. I believe the stone house is the original tollhouse going back to the 1840s.

Looking north along the Delaware River, which has some upstream shallows and a "wing dam" that was designed to leave a passage for boats but channeled water into the canal that you see in the 2nd photo. The Delaware Canal on the PA side was a power canal for mills, not a shipping canal, since the Delaware has remained eternally undammed.

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