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NJ State Highways, In Brief

Quotes from William Yurasko, from whom SPUI obtained the NJ state route list, are in black. Of course, thanks go to SPUI for letting me host this, but SPUI gives thanks to Al Tossoonian, Keith Dennison, Frank Curcio, John W Taber, Phil Hirtes, Phil Case, Michael Willency, Arthur Malkin, Brian Polidoro, Jim Williams, and of course Yurasko for info. And thanks a lot to NJDOT for info on old routes - they respond to their email and provide great info.
More from SPUI: The GR is the Great Renumbering, which happened on 1-1-1953. In the 1920s, NJ had a completely different numbering system. Routes in red are not currently assigned. Ray Martin's NJ Expwys and Tollways has photos and graphical exit lists of the interstates and other freeways. I don't link to the separate pages from the listings below because they are often split into many parts.
US 1
Runs from Trenton to the George Washington Bridge. Pre-GR numbers were 26 to south of New Brunswick, S26 to US 130, 25 to Jersey City (using US 1-9 Truck at the end), and 1 to I-95. Also the freeway in Trenton north of Strawberry St./Business US 1 was 174. Enters on a toll bridge (Trenton Bridge) and leaves on one too, George Washington Bridge.
Alt. US 1
Old mainline US 1 through Trenton. Used Warren St and US 206, entering from PA and ending at Business US 1 (old US 1). This is still signed Business US 1 by the city but is not an official route.
Business US 1
Old mainline US 1 north of Trenton, with both ends at US 1. Bumps US 206 at the Brunswick Circle. US 1 bypassing it was 174 at first. City-maintained signage takes it south on US 206 from the Brunswick Circle and over the free bridge to PA.
Business US 1-9
Now 139; connector from US 1-9 to the Holland Tunnel.
US 1-9 Truck
Trucks are not allowed on the Pulaski Skyway (US 1-9 south of Jersey City), so they must use US 1-9 Truck, which ends at US 1-9 on both ends. The connection from US 1-9 to NJTP/I-95 uses US 1-9 Truck. Was 25 and 1 before the GR.
Used to run from the Bayonne Bridge to US 9W at the NY line. Died in the GR because it conflicted with US 1; became 440, US 1-9, and 9W. The part south to the Bayonne Bridge was never built; see 440.
Became 63 in the GR.
Became 67 in the GR.
Now NJ 17, renumbered before the GR to match NY 17.
Assigned in 1938, but may never have become a state route. If it existed, 2N went west from 17 in Kingsland across the Passaic River and across 7, ending at Union Ave.
Connects US 46 south of Paterson to NJ 495 and US 1-9. Before the GR, it was S3 west of 120; 3 used 120 and an unbuilt alignment to Paterson, including a section on the east bank of the Passaic River, where it picked up on US 46 over the Passaic and 20 to its end. Used to extend east on 495 to the Lincoln Tunnel before it became I-495.
Became 3 (west of 120) in the GR. There were other segments, including current 161 and Paterson Plank Rd/Van Houten Ave/Great Notch Rd/Long Hill Rd/Main St (precursor to the freeway - went all the way to 23 in Singac).
S3 Spur
Became 161 in the GR.
Runs from 20 in Paterson to I-95/US 1-9-46/US 9W near the George Washington Bridge. Pre-GR, it extended south on 20 and west on US 46 for a bit. Another section went south from Rahway on NJ 35 to Perth Amboy and then US 9 and 109 to Cape May. The two were proposed to be joined roughly using the GSP, which was partly built as 4 Parkway.
When 4 (US 9) was rerouted north of Freehold, the old route became 4A. This is now 79 and 34.
Became 71 in the GR. Number matches original NJ 4, of which it was a part.
4 Parkway
The first part of the GSP to be built, renumbered to be part of 444 in the GR. This is now the free part in Middlesex and Union Counties.
Became 440 (southern) in the GR. Now mostly 184.
Ran south from 4 (pre-GR) in Tuckerton along Great Bay Blvd. Proposed to connect to current 87 in Brigantine.
Became 208 in the GR, numbered to match NY 208, which was never extended south to meet it.
Renumbered to 162 in the GR. Once extended from 4 (now US 9), over the bridge, and south.
Proposed road from Fort Lee north to Teaneck.
Runs from US 1-9 east to CR 505 in Edgewater, with a short CR 505 multiplex before ending. Has a few switchbacks.
Became 53 in the GR; the number 5N came from 1920s NJ 5, which it was part of.
Became 93 in the GR.
Killed in the GR; ran the length of US 46. The only difference was at the Delaware River where it used the now-dead bridge at Delaware; the old approach is now 163.
Became 15 in the GR.
Became 159 in the GR.
Became 62 in the GR; now mostly county roads from US 46 to Paterson.
The first section runs from US 1-9 Truck west to the Passaic River on Belleville Tpk. The second section runs from the Newark border on Washington Ave. in Belleville north to the Passaic County line. CR 506 fills the gap, but it intersects the second segment north of its south end . 7 continues north as CR 603 past NJ 3 to Passaic; 7 used to continue there and was proposed to cross the Passaic River and head along the east side to unbuilt 3 SE of Paterson.
Became 94 in the GR; only ran SW of Newton. It also ran east on US 46 from the west end of 94 to the old bridge at 163.
Became 84 BEFORE the GR to match NY 84, now NJ/NY 284. Was 8 in the 1920s.
US 9
Runs from the Cape May-Lewes Ferry to the George Washington Bridge, multiplexed with US 1 north of Woodbridge. Pre-GR numbers were 4 to Perth Amboy, 35 to the US 1 merge, 25 to Jersey City (using US 1-9 Truck at the end), and 1 to I-95. Old alignments include 109, 167, 166, and 79/34.
Alt. US 9
Briefly co-signed with 166 after 9 was routed onto the Parkway (444) around Toms River.
Runs from I-95/US 1-9-46/NJ 4 west of the George Washington Bridge north into NY, paralleling the PIP. Because of the recent law restricting trucks to the national network (defined by NJ) of mostly 4-lane roads, US 9W north of NJ 67 serves only local traffic, since trucks are not allowed and cars use the parallel PIP. Originally US 9W used 67 in Fort Lee, ending at 5 (see 9E below).
Was paired with 9W. Used what is now 5 to the Edgewater ferry from what is now 67 (which was 9W).
Now CR 506, although the part east of Belleville is up for debate. It died before the GR.
Goes from US 46 in Ledgewood to CR 577/677 in W Orange, where it continues to I-280 as CR 577 amd CR 660. Provided a Dover bypass for US 46 before I-80 came along. Once extended to Newark along 577, 660, 611, and Park Ave, and even to Jersey City along (presumably) CR 508.
Was 10 in the 1920s, running along Market St in Paterson to Hackensack. Disappeared during the 1930's.
11 was proposed as roughly what's now I-78 between US 22 in Whitehouse and US 22 near Plainfield, though probably not as a freeway. May have been signed on county roads, at least in Somerset County.
Was 11 in the 1920s, from Newark to Paterson. Part of it became 7, south of the Passaic River bridge to the Newark border.
Connects NJ 29 in Frenchtown (PA 32 via a bridge) to the Flemington Circle at 31/US 202.
The bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway on Ocean CR 632 in Point Pleasant and its approaches are state maintained as NJ 13. Was 13E pre-GR. Doesn't connect to any other state routes, though 632 runs east to 35.
Became 13 in the GR.
Proposed freeway from 23 in Butler to a new Hudson River crossing. May have connected to the Cross County Parkway in the Bronx.
Connects US 46 in Dover to US 206 north of Newton. Was 6A pre-GR. The old route through Sparta is 181.
Connects NJ 7 in Kearny to NY 17 at Mahwah (multiplexed with I-287 at the end). Was 2; changed BEFORE the GR. Trucks use 17 from the Thruway to the George Washington Bridge. 17 was proposed to extend south from NJ 3 as a divided highway to 95W (NJ Turnpike Westerly Alignment) at a new Exit 15AW. Near the NJ/NY state line in the Ramapo Mts. is a group of people known as the Jackson Whites. Their ancestory is Dutch, native, and African. A few years ago, there was a story in the NY Times about them applying for tribehood. I can't imagine they got it. Those people, incidentally, were only able to get fire service from Mahwah (in which they live) via Rockland, NY, thanks to roads being too twisty, until recently.
Connects 138 (I-195 extension) west of Belmar to I-287 in Piscataway. Was planned to extend south to Pt. Pleasant Circle at NJ 34/35/70 (now no longer a circle). 18 used to be signed up former Spur CR 514 (River Rd.) to I-287. Some time after the new bridge was built and 18 taken off the 27 bridge, 18 was truncated to where maintenance ended, at the north end of the Raritan River bridge. Recently, 18 has been extended up Metlars Lane to end at Hoes Lane, and then to I-287 after completion of upgrades. 18 was S28 north of US 9 pre-GR.
18N became S1A and 1 in 1929, when 1 moved over from what is now 501.
18 Spur
18 Spur is the new connection from the northward extension of 18 to I-287 north.
Connects the GSP NB to Paterson (CR 509) and I-80 WB. Was part of 20 until 1988. I got this email from Kevin Sylvester: The "P" in Exit 155P on the Garden State Parkway stands for Paterson. When the Parkway was planned, this exit was to lead to the Paterson Spur. Yep, that's right. NJ 19 Freeway was supposed to be a Parkway extension into Paterson. It was along a route which pre-dated the NJ 20 Peripheral Freeway. Basically, it followed the old alignment of the Delaware, Lackawanna, & Western Railroad, which is now occupied by NJ 19. It turned slightly west just before reaching Downtown Paterson and continued north to the south end of Hamburg Tpk. at the Paterson/Haledon border near Morningside Florist. As for the "P," first, this was not to be an exit. Rather, it would be a junction. Exit 155P would have been for Broad St after leaving the Parkway mainline route. After that, the exits would continue along the spur as 156P, 157P, 158P, etc. So that's where that stupid P came from.
Connects US 46 south of Paterson along the Passaic River to the south end of CR 507. Was to extend west along the river to 19 and eat up 19, and east to 120. 19 and 120 were once parts of 20. Was part of 3 pre-GR, along with 120.
Freeway alternate to 7. Originally connected NJ 7 to Newark. Connects US 1-9/22 at the Newark Airport along the Passaic River to US 46 in Clifton (original freeway ended at Monroe St. in Passaic). Opened north of Monroe St on around 4 PM on 12-20-2000. US 46 and NJ 20 joining to I-80 were recently rebuilt to freeway standards, although the I-80/NJ 20 interchange isn't.
Applied to old McCarter Highway up to 7 after new freeway (21) was built.
US 22
Runs east from Phillipsburg (PA line) onto I-78 until Clinton. Then exits and parallels I-78 to US 1-9/NJ 21 at the Newark Airport. US 22 could easily be continued along US 1-9, Pulaski Skyway to Jersey City and meet up with I-78 for the Holland Tunnel. Pre-GR numbers were 28 to Somerville and 29 to the end. Was 28 to 29 Link from the start of current 28 to US 202/206.
Alt. US 22
Now 122.
Became 59 in the GR because of the conflict with US 22.
Connects CR 506 at CR 577 in Montclair to NY near Port Jervis. Joins to I-84 in NY via Orange County 15. Originally went to Newark on Newark-Pompton Turnpike, now CR 506 and Spur CR 506.
Freeway from I-287 in Morristown to I-78 in Summit. Was planned further west as a freeway, anywhere from Mendham to Phillipsburg. Also signed over CR 517/513/510 from Hackettstown to Morristown, though mostly as remnant of original 24 from Newark to Hackettstown, because residents protested when NJDOT tried to remove signs. Pre-GR, extended west to Phillipsburg on a proposed alignment from Long Valley to Stephensburg and then down NJ 57. Just after the GR, S24 became part of 24 and it was continuous from Phillipsburg to Newark. Later on, 24 was truncated to Hackettstown, and 57 was moved from 182 onto the current alignment. Also, 24 used 124 before the freeway and extended into Newark. When the freeway was only complete east of Exit 7 (124/CR 649), 24 followed 124 west of that point, and still went out to Hackettstown via Morristown.
Pre-GR number for NJ 57 east of Stephensburg or so. Also the number for 82 and 439 from Springfield to 28 in Elizabeth before the GR.
Planned number for the Phillipsburg bridge that opened as 24 and now carries US 22.
24 and 28 LINK
Pre-GR number for US 22 bypass of Phillipsburg.
Died in the GR; used US 30 and US 130 from Camden to US 1 south of New Brunswick, then US 1 to Jersey City (using US 1-9 Truck), and ended at 1 (now 440).
Became 58 in the GR.
Became 158 in the GR.
Became 65 in the GR.
Became US 130 in the GR, and now is 171. 25T may have been a second 25M.
Became 413 in the GR to match PA 413.
Became US 1-9 Truck in the GR. Possibly was a second 25M.
25 Link
Original Pulaski Skyway number, became 25 when 25T was created.
Livingston Ave in New Brunswick, connecting US 1 to CR 691. Used to extend south on US 1 to Trenton pre-GR.
Became 91 in the GR.
Used US 1 from 26 to US 130 pre-GR.
Lincoln Hwy from US 206 in Princeton to NJ 21 in Newark. Extended to Trenton on US 206 pre-GR.
27 and 28 LINK
Became part of 28 (east of Elmora Ave., now 439) in the GR.
Old US 22 from US 22 west of Somerville to NJ 27 in Elizabeth. Used to extend west on US 22 to Phillipsburg pre-GR; may have gone north on US 202/206 and west on US 22. Before the GR, it went south and east on 439 around Elizabeth onto the Goethals Bridge.
Uncertain. May have been a renumbering of 24 and 28 LINK or bypass of an old alignment. Now part of US 22.
Became 18 in the GR. Went north on Spur CR 514 to 28, but on the south it left current 18 at CR 516 and ran east to US 9 or NJ 79 (NJ 4A pre-GR).
28 and 29 LINK
Northwest Somerville bypass. Absorbed into US 22 in the GR.
Runs along the Delaware River from the I-195/295 interchange through Trenton to NJ 12 in Frenchtown. Pre-GR, it turned inland at US 202 (now 179) and ran on US 202 to Somerville, then US 22 to Newark. 29 north of 179 was 29A. 29 recently became a covered roadway in downtown Trenton, before which traffic used surface street bypasses or the recently built 129. In Lambertville, 29 (Main St.) was made one-way SB, though both directions officially followed it, and NB traffic had to use 165. Recently, both directions of 29 were put onto 165.
Became part of 29 (north of 179) in the GR.
Planned extension of 29A to Alpha.
Bridge St. in Lambertville. Became part of US 202 in GR; now part of 179.
US 30
Connects the Ben Franklin Bridge in Camden to Atlantic City along the Black Horse Pike. 43 to US 9 and 56 pre-GR, and later 43 all the way.
Became 69 in the GR; renumbered because of US 30. Now 31.
Connects US 206 in Trenton to US 46 in Buttzville. Major alternate for I-95 but only 2 lanes; thru trucks were banned recently. Was 30 pre-GR, then became 69 until 1967. Pre-GR 31 ran from Princeton to Newton along US 206, then an unknown alignment to 94 west of Franklin, and up 94 to 23.
Became 64 in the GR.
Killed in the GR; ran along US 206 north of Newton.
Connects US 130 to NJTP/I-95 Exit 8A in S Brunswick, where it becomes CR 612. Pre-GR 32 ran from Bedminster to Mountain View (23) on US 202. US 202 north of there had no SR number because it was never state maintained.
Map of the north end of the old alignment.
Connects US 1 in Trenton to 35 in Ocean Grove. Bypasses Freehold via freeway, recently completed as a Super-2 (one lane each way, undivided) east of CR 55 (Halls Mill Rd). The old route is Business 33.
Became 66 in the GR.
Business 33
Old 33 through Freehold. The only remaining bannered state route - it should be NJ 186 (the next available number).
Name for completed part of NJ 33 Freehold Bypass until 1990.
33 and 35 LINK
Early number for what became 33A, then 66.
Joins the Pt. Pleasant Circle (NJ 34/35/70) to US 9 south of S Amboy. Was 4A (and earlier 4/US 9) north of 79 in Matawan before the GR. Passes through US Naval Weapons Station Earle. A western loop of RTE 35 essentially.
Connects Island Beach State Park to NJ 27 near Rahway. Was 37 from 37 to 88 pre-GR; 35 used 88 south of Pt. Pleasant. 35 also used US 9 north of the US 9/NJ 35 multiplex; 35 was 4. The part south of 35 was taken over from Ocean County in exchange for 180 (old 72). 18 south of Eatontown was originally planned as a 35 freeway; a 1969 USGS topo shows 35 on the freeway south of 66. It is unclear if this was ever actually signed.
Forms a U shape from GSP Exit 105 (36 becomes 444S at CR 51/Hope Rd) to GSP Exit 117 (36 sorta became 444R at 35). Signage makes a complete reversal from E-W to W-E, though most of the northern leg of the U is now signed N-S to reduce confusion.
Suggested for Oceanic Bridge takeover, but never occurred.
Joins 70 in Lakehurst to 35 in Seaside Heights. Used to extend north on 35 until 88, which was part of 35, until the GR. Another part of 37 used CR 524 west of Yardville; this was planned to connect to the east section and was partly built as I-195. US 206 was 37 north of CR 524 pre-GR.
Joins US 30/US 130 in Camden to US 206 east of Mt Holly. Used to end at the end of the divided highway in Mt Holly; CR 530 took over from there. 138 was once 38; I-195 partially completed the gap as a compromise between NJ 37 and NJ 38 proposed freeways.
Ran along US 206 south of CR 524/533 in White Horse pre-GR.
Became 68 in the GR.
US 40
Connects the Delaware Memorial Bridge (US 40/I-295) to Atlantic City. Was 48 pre-GR east of 48; the part west of 48 (built when the bridge opened) had no SR number.
Became 70 in the GR because of US 40.
Became 72 in the GR.
Connects 47 in Fairview to 38/73 east of Camden. Eastern partial bypass of Camden. County maintained as CR 573 from 168 to 154; signed TEMP 41 until late 2001 because proposed bypass was only partially constructed (see 154).
Became 73 in the GR to match PA 73; back then the south end was at US 30.
Proposed extension of S41 south to 42; built as part of 73 south to 446 (ACE) after the GR.
Became 155 in the GR.
Connects US 322 in Williamstown to the I-76/I-295 interchange. I-76 is called Route 42 by locals. 168 was 42 to Camden before the freeway was built. Extended toward Atlantic City on US 322 pre-GR (ended at US 40, then 48).
Ran along US 30 pre-GR. Was 56 at first east of US 9.
Proposed bypass of Atlantic City.
Parallels I-295 from Bridgeport (near the US 130/US 322 interchange) to I-295/US 130 in Thorofare. Was US 130 before the freeway (now I-295) was built. Extended on US 130 and NJ 49 south to Salem and north on US 130 to 45 pre-GR.
Used US 322 (now NJ 324) west of 44/US 130 pre-GR.
Planned bypass of Camden; part became TEMPORARY 41 (now 41) in the GR.
Planned tunnel approach from 42 to 44 in Paulsboro, and on to proposed Gloucester County tunnel.
Joins 49 in Salem to US 130 south of Camden. Extended north on US 130 and US 30 to PA pre-GR.
Bypassed piece of 45 through Gloucester City.
US 46
Connects I-80 at NJ 94 to the George Washington Bridge (I-95/US 1-9-46). Used to extend on NJ 163 and the defunct Delaware Bridge into PA to US 611 (now PA 611). Was 6 pre-GR. This was a 1934 US route, which is why the numbering is off. This should technically be decommissoned, since it is only in one state and under 300 miles. Still, it survives.
US 46-A
Overlap of 9 suggested by Automobile Club of NYC to incorporate it into the US Highway system, never advanced.
Became 77 in the GR; renumbered because of US 46.
The longest signed state route. Connects Wildwood to US 130 south of Camden. Used to use 49 south of Vineland before the GR; 47 was 49 down to 83 and then S49.
Alt. 47
Now 347.
Connects US 130 in Penns Grove to US 40 east of NJTP. Used to connect to DE 48 via ferry; it was also US 40. Extended east on US 40 to Atlantic City pre-GR.
Goes from 50 in Tuckahoe to I-295/US 40/130 in Deepwater. Ended back in Salem pre-GR; it was 44 up to Deepwater. Pre-GR it used 47 and 83 east of Millville to US 9 in Clermont; current 49 was 47.
Became part of 47 in the GR (south of 83).
Joins US 9 in Seaville (with a GSP connector) to US 30 in Egg Harbor City.
Killed in the GR because it was entirely with US 322 from US 130 to NJ 42.
Joins US 9 in Somers Pt to Ocean City. Was proposed to extend northwest to Mays Landing. According to Brian Polidoro, it is signed EAST from US 9, although all other signs are NORTH and SOUTH.
Proposed from Somers Pt to McKee City, but before 52 existed.
Connects US 202 in Morris Plains to US 46 in Denville. Was 5N pre-GR.
Southern extension of US 206 from US 30 to US 40 in Buena.
Freeway bypass to 47 starting south of Vineland. North end is at 42, another freeway. Planned to extend south of current divided freeway end to Cape May and US 9/GSP (444), though environmental restrictions still are winning the battle.
Joins 77 north of Bridgeton to 47 in Vineland. Probably was added after the GR. Originally was US 30 east of US 9; changed to 43 before the GR.
Number became obsolete when 56 changed to 43 pre-GR. Became 87 in the GR.
Connects US 22 in Phillipsburg to NJ 182/CR 517 (old NJ 24) in Hackettstown. At first it used current 182; it was later moved onto the current route, which had been 24. NJ 57 was proposed to extend east of 182 to tie into the US 46 divided highway "at the base of Hackettstown Mountain" "via a new bridge over the Musconetcong River" [Keith Dennison], but hasn't taken over 182's number even though that proposal is long dead. A one mile long section in Warren County was the first concrete pavement in the western hemisphere (1912), according to the NJDOT straight line diagram.
Old number for I-280 over the Passaic River and four-lane Newark approach. Was 25A pre-GR.
A puny little railroad underpass connecting South and North Aves. (CR 610 to NJ 28), ending at a three-way intersection that sits on a bridge meant for a four-way. Was 22 pre-GR, and that four-way bridge says NJSHR 22. 59 was part of a much larger north-south highway proposal, heading as far north as Paterson according to Frank Curcio, and possibly heading southeast toward the GSP (444) at Exit 136 (Centennial Ave.) Street Atlas USA shows short portions of NJ 59 on Centennial Ave. and Stiles St., which usually means old alignments.
Was a proposed freeway from I-295 at the Delaware Memorial Bridge roughly along US 40 to the GSP at Somers Point.
Possible post-GR number, soon renumbered to 161.
Now mostly CR 646/644/639/638 from US 46 SW of Paterson to Paterson near the north end of 19, though the part between US 46 and I-80 survives unsigned. Was S6 pre-GR.
Bergen Blvd. from CR 501 in N Bergen to US 1-9-46 in Ft Lee. Was S1 pre-GR.
The bridge on CR 571 over the Conrail tracks is state maintained as NJ 64 but unsigned. Was 31A pre-GR.
Used Port St. and Doremus Ave. near the Newark Airport as an alternate to US 1-9 Truck. Was 25B pre-GR.
Connects NJ 33 just west of GSP to NJ 35 in Neptune. Was S33 pre-GR.
Lemoine Ave. from 5 in Palisade to US 9W at the PIP connector (445S) in Ft Lee. Was S1A pre-GR. Was US 9W before George Washington Bridge was built and US 1/9E used 5 to Edgewater and the ferry.
Goes from Ft. Dix north to US 206. Was proposed to extend south to the 70/72 circle as a freeway. Was S39 pre-GR.
Now 31; was 30 pre-GR. Changed to 31 in 1967 because too many signs were stolen. One explanation given is that the Class of 1969 at one or more colleges were stealing signs, though the prevailing explanation has to do with the significance of the number 69.
Connects 38 in Camden through the Pine Barrens to 34/35 at the Pt. Pleasant Circle. Was 40 pre-GR. Though signed as multiplexed with 38 to US 30/130, it ends at 38 a mile east.
Alternate to 35 from Brielle to Eatontown. Was 4N pre-GR, and earliest alignment of the beach highway (variously incarnated as 4, 35, or US 9).
Joins 70 near Lebanon State Forest to Ship Bottom (CR 607) and Long Beach Island. Was S40 pre-GR. The old route east of US 9 was NJ 180 and is now CR 50.
Joins US 322 in Penny Pot to the Tacony-Palmyra bridge into PA 73. Until recently the south end was at 446 (ACE); the south extension along Spur CR 561 has not been signed yet. Was S41 pre-GR (only north of US 30).
Was a proposed freeway from 18 near NJTP/I-95 to NJ 35 near the Monmouth/Middlesex line.
Was a proposed freeway from I-78 west of the Newark Airport (at the huge interchange) north to I-280 at the huge left exit and then over to 21 at the start of the freeway. State just ran out of money.
Joins the Walt Whitman Bridge to I-295 at NJ 42. The shortest 2di in NJ. Used to be switched with I-676. The natural extension of I-76 is along 42 and 446 (ACE), though there has never been an official push for this.
Became 81 when I-76 replaced I-80S.
Internal number for the connector from I-76/676 to US 130 and NJ 168.
Connects 49 in Bridgeton to 45 in Mullica Hill. Was 46 pre-GR but conflicted with US 46.
Connects Phillipsburg to the Holland Tunnel (with NJ 139 on the east end). Parallels US 22. There are traffic lights on the Holland Tunnel approach. Between I-287 and RTE 24 there are three bridges built specifically for animals. Very cool, I suspect it was a condition of getting the Watchung Mts. section built (opened around 1985). It was NJ's unwillingness to upgrade US 22 around Alpha that caused I-78 to be rerouted to the south of Phillipsburg, Bethlehem, and Allentown.
Joins US 9 in Freehold (near 33) to 34 in Matawan. Was 4A pre-GR.
Joins the Delaware Water Gap to I-95 near the George Washington Bridge. Parallels US 46.
Now I-676 and I-76 east of I-676.
Connects NJTP/I-95 Exit 13A with US 1-9 at the Newark Airport. Would have originally gone south to I-278 at NJTP/I-95 rather than get its own NJTP exit. That explains the ghost ramps at Exit 13 (I-278). Was originally 76 before I-80S became I-76.
Morris Ave from 124 in Springfield to 439 in Elizabeth. Was part of S24 pre-GR.
Joins 47 to US 9. Was 49 pre-GR.
Now 284. Changed when NY 84 became NY 284 to avoid confusion with I-84. Changed from 8N before the GR to match NY 84.
Was a proposed freeway from I-78 near the Holland Tunnel north to I-495 (now NJ 495) near the Lincoln Tunnel. May be somewhat built as a surface street. 185 may be a remnant of 85.
Connects US 30 in Atlantic City to Brigantine. Part of it was realigned; the old route is 187.
Runs from US 9 in Lakewood to 35 in Pt. Pleasant. Was part of 35.
A freeway from the Betsy Ross Bridge to 73. I-95 BGSs in PA sign NJ 90. Intended to be extended eastward toward Turnpike, but never materialized.
Jersey Ave in New Brunswick from US 1 to CR 693. Was 26A pre-GR.
Was a proposed toll road from US 206 north of Princeton to 33 east of Hightstown. The east section was built as 133. 92 is planned as a freeway from I-95 (NJ Turnpike) Exit 8A along NJ 32 and west to US 130 and US 1, but that idea is currently shelved in favor of completing Turnpike widening to car/truck dualization between Exits 6 and 8A.
Grand Ave near Ft Lee, from US 1-9 to NJ 4. Was S5 pre-GR.
Joins Columbia (connecting to PA 611) to NY 94. Was 8 west of US 206 pre-GR, and 31 for a short bit west of 23.
Uses the PA Extension of the NJ Turnpike and the Turnpike proper. Splits into 2 halves from Newark to south of US 46; the east section is 95 in NJDOT records and the west section is 95W, but signage says 95W is the mainline to avoid too much traffic near the Lincoln Tunnel. The part north of Trenton was planned to extend north to I-287 into NJTP Exit 10, but was blocked. Exit numbers on I-287 reflected I-95 being on its eastern three miles until the 1990's, and I-95 was probably signed there.
Was I-95 north of Trenton, formerly I-95_2, but now part of I-295. See entry for I-295 below.
Westerly Alignment of the NJ Turnpike; see entry for I-95 above.
Original number for NJ Turnpike north of New Brunswick, including the Newark Bay Extension as a spur. Became 700 upon freeway completion.
Planned Turnpike spur to US 1-9. May have been early version of 81.
Proposed freeway in general path of what is now 95W.
Proposed continuation of 101 northward. Became northern section of 444 (GSP) north of Paramus.
FAI 101-109
Federal Aid Interstate numbers proposed in June 1956 by NJDOT. 101 = I-80, 102 = I-78, 103 = I-95, 104 = I-287, 105 = NJ 3 (superseded by I-280), 108 = I-295, 109 = I-80S. 106 and 107 may have been I-278 and I-680 in some order.
Old US 9 from Cape May to US 9 at the turnoff to the Lewes-Cape May ferry. GSP ends at it.
Goes through Meadowlands sportsplex from 3 to 17. Paterson Plank Rd north of CR 503. Was 20 before the connector to current 20 was killed. Was 3 before the GR.
US 122
Old number for US 202 south of US 22.
Old Alt. US 22 from Phillipsburg to US 22; changed in 199x. All of 122 is multiplexed with a CR (678, 519, Truck 519). The west part of 122, once a full loop, was decommissioned.
Old 24 from US 202 in Morristown to CR 601 at the Maplewood/Irvington line. Once extended into Newark along Springfield Ave., though the route may have been truncated while still 24.
Connects 29 (to I-195) south of Trenton to US 1 to/from the north. Signed with 29 at the south end but not multiplexed. Opened in 1995.
129 was also once signed on I-95 north of Trenton from 29 north at least one exit.
US 130
Joins I-295 (Delaware Memorial Bridge) at 49 in Deepwater to US 1 at 171 south of New Brunswick. Pre-GR numbers are 44 to 45 south of Camden, 45 to US 30 in Camden, and 25 north of US 30 in Camden.
Bypass of Hightstown from CR 571 to NJ 33. Partly uses the old 92 ROW. Just opened in late 1999.
East extension of I-195 from NJ 34 to NJ 35. Was 38 until the connector was killed (and part became I-195).
Connects the Pulaski Skyway (US 1-9) to the Holland Tunnel (multiplexed with I-78 over surface streets). Locally known as State Highway. The upper level (surface) is numbered 139U internally. The number came about because it was once Business US 1-9. They figured the & looks like a 3 so replaced it.
The upper level to the Holland tunnel approach - see 139 above. Its west end is at Kennedy Blvd, meaning it doesn't reconnect to 139.
Joins US 130 to US 40/NJTP near the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Was part of US 140 per RMcN 1926 atlas, but this was probably a mapo (map typo).
Joins CR 561 in Winslow to US 30 in Ancora. The number comes from 43, the pre-GR number of US 30.
Goes from US 9 in Whitesboro to NY Ave in N Wildwood. Sorta parallels 47, and the western CR extension (618) meets 47.
Consisted of the 1 way pair along 10th St and 11th St in Camden from Wright Ave to US 30. Used as connector ramps between US 30, CR 537 (Federal St), and I-676. Was .61 miles long (at least one direction was). Probably the original start of the sequential 1XX system.
Basically a few bridges from Somers Pt. to Longport, numbered for being near 52. In a former life, 152 used current 29 (John Fitch Way) from the south end of the freeway (Warren St./Ferry St.) to the Willow St. exit (Memorial Dr.), where 29 probably exited. South of there it was not state maintained; for a while CR 649 ran south on Lamberton Rd. (became 29 in and possibly south of Trenton). Was .68 miles long.
Old 3 in Secaucus. Went from 8th St to Paterson Plank Rd., and was numbered but not maintained east of there.
Brace Rd from CR 561 to 41 near 70 in Cherry Hill. 41 is county maintained as CR 573 starting at 154 (until 168) because 154 is the only completed part of the once-planned NJ 41 bypass of Haddonfield. 154 was signed as 41 until it was clear that bypass wouldn't be completed.
Old 73 north of US 130 in Palmyra. Now part of CR 607.
Old US 130 through Yardville. At both ends (at US 130) you can only turn right.
Old US 9 through Absecon; connects US 30 to US 9.
158 was 25AD pre-GR. It was a now-removed bridge connecting Newark and Harrison below 25A, which not coincidentally became 58 in the GR.
Old US 46 through Hatfield Swamp near W. Caldwell. Connects US 46 to CR 506.
Old US 206 south of White Horse.
Clifton Ave. in Clifton from CR 602 (Allwood Rd., former NJ 3) to CR 614 (Van Houten Ave.); becomes CR 611. Was NJ S3S pre-GR.
Seashore Rd (CR 626) was realigned when the Intracoastal Waterway went in. NJDOT maintains the bridge as 162. Was S4C pre-GR and extended to US 9.
Old US 46 near Delaware (the town). Was 6 pre-GR. No longer crosses the Delaware River, and the US 46 overpass was removed. Is now used as truck parking mostly. PA 1039 is the old road on the other side, leading to PA 611 at the bridge to NJ 94.
Was Dowd Ave south of Newark Airport. 81 replaced it as a freeway.
Old 29 (pre-GR) in Lambertville. Connects 29 to/from the south and 179 (old US 202) to/from the north. Is now multiplexed with 29 for its entire length after carrying NB 29 traffic once Main St. went one-way southbound.
Old US 9 in Toms River; US 9 uses the GSP (444) on a free section.
Old US 9 at the Mullica River; US 9 uses the GSP (444) on a free section. Several gaps exist where bridges were removed or destroyed, and 167 now only officially applies to the southern continous section.
Old 42 south of Camden from 42 at the beginning of the ACE (446) to Camden where it becomes CR 603. Joins 42 to NJTP as there is no direct connection.
169 is now part of 440. Starting 5/8/2001, 169 signs were replaced with 440 signs [Jonathan Sachs]. This was a replacement for never-built 440 south of Jersey City, which is why it is now 440, though 169 may have been planned separately as an eastern route to ocean terminals. Joined the Bayonne Bridge (NY 440) to the ghost interchange where it became 440, just south of the I-78 bridge, though for years it ended at New Hook Access Rd.
Old US 206 in Columbus; now CR 690.
Continuation of US 130 (at US 1) to NJ 27 in New Brunswick. Not state-maintained in New Brunswick, and signage ends while still on Georges Rd. Once ended on Commercial Ave. at George St. (172, old 18), but now turns there onto old 18 up to 27.
Old 18 (George St.) in New Brunswick from Commercial Ave to 18.
Old US 22 where US 22 uses I-78 west of Clinton. East end is at 31 in Clinton.
Old number for US 1 freeway in Trenton where Business US 1 exists; US 1 used what is now Business US 1.
Old 29 from Trenton north to near I-95. Serves as a frontage road to limit access to 29.
May have been reserved for an I-176, or else state route connection to I-76. This doesn't appear in the regular route log pages because there's no information on it, just a confusing skip in numbering.
Old US 206 (Bridge St) south of Somerville. Southern end taken over by the state upon realignment due to new US 206 alignment bypassing Somerville.
Was a proposed freeway from the unbuilt west extension of 24 north of Morristown north to I-80, roughly paralleling 53.
Old US 202 from the Delaware River at Lambertville to US 202/CR 514 in Ringoes. Was 29 and S29 pre-GR.
Old 72 east of US 9; now CR 50.
Old 15 through Sparta.
Connects 57/CR 517 (old still-signed 24) to US 46 in Hackettstown. Originally was part of 57 but 57 was taken off of it for a future bypass of Hackettstown. Became 57 at the GR (part of S24 before). Is multiplexed with CR 517 for its entire length.
Old US 206 through Netcong.
Old 440 from GSP to 35/440; continues west as CR 501 and is mostly multiplexed with such. Serves N-N movements in the GSP/440/US 9 interchange.
Parallels I-78 NJTP extension from Exit 14A (440) to Exit 14B. May have been part of once planned 85. Was intended to extend north into Jersey City and may still do so.
Old 87 in Atlantic City; joins US 30 to 87.
Spurs east off I-295 near Trenton to "Shore Points" - more specifically, NJ 34 west of Belmar. Both ends continue as state routes - 29 on the west and 138 on the east. Was originally planned as partially the 37 and 38 freeways.
US 202
Joins PA (at Lambertville) to Somerville, then parallels I-287 to NY. County maintained north of 53 except the 23 multiplex. Pre-GR numbers are 29 to US 22, 31 to the US 206 split, and 32 to 23; also was US 122 south of US 22. There was no SR number north of 23 as it was always county maintained there.
US 206
Joins US 30 at NJ 54 in Hammonton to PA near Milford (connects to US 6). Old pre-GR numbers are 39 south of White Horse, 37 to Trenton, 27 to Princeton, 31 to Newton, and S31 to PA.
Bypass US 206
Temporary designation for open segments of future US 206 Hillsborough Bypass until completed as US 206.
Joins I-287 to 4. S4B pre-GR; it was numbered 208 to match NY 208, which it never met since the 208 freeway was cancelled.
Joins US 1-9 south of Elizabeth to the Goethals Bridge (old NJ 439). Was planned to extend west to I-78 at NJ 24, then west on 24 and 57 to Phillipsburg (though most likely that would just have been a 24 freeway).
Spurs off I-80 to Newark, ending at I-95/NJTP. Was 58 (and 25A pre-GR) on the drawbridge over the Passaic and its Newark approach. I-280 was a compromise Interstate because NJ 3 couldn't be upgraded.
Goes to NY 284 from 23 in Sussex. Was 84 but NY 84 became NY 284 when I-84 came to NY.
Connects I-95/NJTP at 440 in Perth Amboy west and north to Mahwah, connecting to I-87 in NY as a NYC bypass. Was I-95 south of the Durham Ave exit in Metuchen. Proposed to extend east over 440 into Staten Island.
Joins NJTP to Delaware over the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Then serves as a local alternate to NJTP to Trenton (as the freeway route for US 130). Then serves as a Trenton partial beltway before entering PA. The part west of the ghost interchange with proposed Somerset Freeway (I-95) was always I-95, while the part from there to US 1 started as I-295, became I-95 (95M internally), and is now I-295 once more.
Original number for NJ Turnpike south of New Brunswick. Became 700 upon freeway completion.
Renumbered from S4D in the GR; reserved to connect to NY 303 but never built.
US 322
Joins PA (at Chester) to Atlantic City. Pre-GR numbers are S44 west of US 130, 51 to 42, and 42 to Atlantic City.
Business US 322
Former county-maintained US 322 alignment in Mullica Hill.
Old US 322 west of US 130; connected to the ferry. Both ends are dead ends, and road is not maintained (or at least well-maintained) west of the US 322 frontage/access road. Was S44 pre-GR.
Shortcut for 47 through Belleplain State Forest. Was Alt. 47.
Original number for I-80S.
Original number for I-680.
Connects US 130 in Burlington to PA 413. Not state maintained. Was S25 pre-GR.
Loops around Elizabeth from I-278/NJTP/I-95 to 27. Connected to NY 439 before I-278 replaced it. Was 28 and S24 pre-GR (only the part south of 82 was numbered).
Runs from I-287/NJTP/I-95 east to the Outerbridge Crossing (NY 440). Picks up again from the Bayonne Bridge (NY 440). Until 5/8/2001 [Jonathan Sachs], when the first signs were changed to 440, 440 south of the ghost interchange just south of I-78 was 169, since a freeway alignment was proposed on the western waterfront on filled land. Pre-GR numbers are S4 on the south part and 1 on the north part. Before the inclusion of 169, mileage (in SLD's and posted) included the NY and unbuilt sections. The NY section is still included.
Internal number for the Garden State Pkwy.
Internal number for the GSP spur at Exit 117 to 35/36, gone as of 2006.
Internal number for the GSP spur at Exit 105 to 36.
Internal number for the Palisades Interstate Pkwy. South end is I-95 at the George Washington Bridge upper level.
Internal number for the PIP spur near the south end to US 9W/NJ 67.
Internal number for the Atlantic City Expwy. Joins 42/168 to Atlantic City.
Internal number for the Atlantic City Expwy. Brigantine Connector. Joins ACE to NJ 87.
Joins I-95/NJTP to the Lincoln Tunnel. Was I-495 until 1989 and before that NJ 3.
Now NJ 495 since the freeway was never cosntructed through Manhattan. 495 isn't up to Interstate standards anyway. Was 3 at first.
US 611
Used to enter NJ in the Delaware Water Gap area along current 94 and I-80. PA 611 there was Alt. US 611.
Connects I-76 to the Ben Franklin Bridge. Was once switched with I-76 until PA had trouble finishing the Vine St. Expwy. (now I-676).
Now I-76 west of I-676.
Would have connected I-95 (unbuilt Somerset Freeway) to I-287 at CR 527, making a Y.
Internal number for the NJ Tpk south of the PA Tpk (I-95). Joins I-295 to I-95. Used to stay on the NJTP till I-287 (which was I-95 for its eastern three miles or so).
Old internal number for the NJTP Newark Extension (now I-78).
Old internal number for the NJTP PA Extension (now I-95).
Proposed north-south freeway from the unbuilt I-95/I-287 junction to 23.
Proposed north-south Garden State Thruway from NJ 440 just west of 444 to US 9 north of 444 in Toms River.
Would have connected I-95 at PA to I-295 near CR 541 as a free southern bypass of Trenton. Would have crossed the Delaware River in the vicinity of 413. Number was also considered as the extension of I-295 into PA to the I-276/I-95 interchange upon completion, to avoid I-295 paralleling itself, but it will be I-295 instead.
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