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Essex CR numbers

Information on this page is from a 1967 NJ State Highway Department Division of Planning map for Essex County. Some of the original route numbers were covered by 5xx shields, while others are barely legible from the scan. I've done my best below. The original numbering was alphabetical, albeit with a few errors (like Cedar St after Central Ave, Eagle Rock after East Passaic), and it was redone geographically with the 6xx system.

1967 numberCurrent numberNotes
1646Avondale Rd (now Park Ave)
2654Bay Ave
3506Belleville Ave
4506, Spur 506Bloomfield Ave
5663, 509Broad St
6640Bradford Ave - was this once Broadford to fit the system?
7N/ABroughton Ave, now town maintained (possibly 657 post-renumbering)
8508Central Ave
9631Central Ave, Grandview Ave
10527Cedar St
11648Centre St
12601Chancellor Ave
13614Clinton Rd
14665Clinton Ave, Irvington Ave
15, 15A628Greenbrook Rd (15A in Fairfield, not sure why) - may be numbered based on East Greenbrook
16652East Passaic Ave - only built north of Hoover Ave [now 651] - followed original alignments (651 Spur and Sadler Rd)
17611, 659Eagle Rock Ave, Main St - not sure how far south on Main/659 it extended, out of order with 16
18668, 623Elm St, Grove St - still ought to be the same number
19673Elm Rd
20615, Spur 614Fairfield Rd, Brook St - connected via NJ 159-US 46
21637Fairview Ave
22645Franklin Ave
23670, 509Franklin St
24577Gregory Ave, Wyoming Ave
25509Grove St, Watsessing Ave
26639Grove Ave
27656Harrison Ave
28650High St
29638High St, Scotland Rd, Valley St (predates Valley St realignment at 57/510)
30Spur 527/608Hobart Rd, White Oak Ridge Rd (newer name), Hobart Gap Rd
31651Hoover Ave
32626Horseneck Rd
33644Kingsland St
34634Laurel Ave - coincidence?
35604Lindsley Rd
36617Little Falls Rd
37602Lyons Ave
38527Mountain Ave
39642, 643Mt Hebron Rd, Alexander Ave - connected via Grove St/18
40610, 577, 660(Old) Mt Pleasant Ave - both in Livingston and east of NJ 10 in West Orange
41618Normal Ave - not sure if this did or didn't follow Reservoir Dr like 618 now does
42508Northfield Ave/Rd
43577, 527Old Short Hills Rd, Main St
44669Orange Rd - same limits as current route
45606Parsonage Hill Rd
46629Pier La
47636Pleasant Valley Way, Lakeside Ave - may have ended at Old Indian Rd (original Mountain Ave)
48627Plymouth St
49577, Spur 577/677(Mt) Prospect Ave
50641Ridge Rd
51653Ridgewood Ave
52624River Rd - NJ 21 once used part of what's now 624, so 52 only existed north of there
53Spur 527/649, 527Roseland Ave, Livingston Ave
54633Runnymede Rd, Lane Ave
55506Rutgers St
56, 56A605Sanford Ave (56A north of 57/510 - may have been added later) - also shown as Sandford
57510South Orange Ave
5824/124, 603Springfield Ave
58A527, 577, 630Millburn Ave - may have been a late takeover and thus no place in the grid
59616Stevens Ave
60619Stuyvesant Ave
61613, 661Swamp Rd, Passaic Ave, Pier La (now all part of Passaic Ave), and Beaufort Ave (this may have been an intentional renumbering) - see 62 and 61A
61A607Passaic Ave - may have been intended to tie into 61 as what became Eisenhower Parkway/609 - see 67 and 61
62613Two Bridges Rd (northern end of 613 - see 61)
63647Union Ave
64620Upper Mountain Ave - began randomly then as now
65621Valley Rd
66Alt 630Vauxhall Rd
67607Walnut St - see 61A
68671Washington St
69655Watchung Ave - also shown on old pre-Garden State Pkwy stub (now Pilch St)
70622West Passaic Ave, Darling Ave
71625Hollywood Ave - originally West Fairfield-Clinton Rd
72632Westville Ave
73658Park Ave - was once NJ 10 and thus likely a late addition, hence the high number
74672Mill St - probably a late addition and thus the high number

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