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NJ State Highways: CR 561-585

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561 is the highest number of the original 5xx system, whose north-south routes run on the odd numbers from
501 in the northeast corner of the state, to 543 in the southwest, and then counterclockwise around a center approximately in Camden. In the borough of Gibbsboro, there is a newer alignment of 561 that passes over the former surface streets that made it up, but those surface streets are still officially parts of 561 (561A, 561B, 561D), excluding the two quick former multiplexes with CR 686 and CR 699. In the 2000s, 561D was cut off from 561 and dead-ended. There is also a railroad bridge on the 73/561 multiplex that replaces a grade crossing, and the road leading to that grade crossing (and to 536) is also officially part of 561. For some reason, that is 561C, instead of keeping A/B/C together.

Photos (CR 561)
Photos (CR 561A-D)
End photos

ends at New York Rd (US 9)
Atlantic CountyGalloway TownshipJimmy Leeds Rd, Duerer St
Egg Harbor CityDuerer St
Mullica TownshipDuerer St, Moss Mill Rd
Hammonton TownMoss Mill Rd, Egg Harbor Rd, 12th St, Railroad Ave, Egg Harbor Rd
Camden CountyWinslow TownshipCedarbrook Rd, New Cedarbrook Rd, Cedarbrook Rd, Tansboro Rd
Berlin BoroughTansboro Rd, White Horse Pike, Haddon Ave
Berlin TownshipHaddon Ave
Voorhees TownshipHaddon Ave
[Voorhees Township](Gibbsboro Borough)Haddon Ave
Gibbsboro BoroughHaddon Ave, Haddonfield-Berlin Rd
Voorhees TownshipHaddonfield-Berlin Rd
Cherry Hill TownshipHaddonfield-Berlin Rd
Haddonfield BoroughEllis Ave, Haddon Ave
[Haddon Township](Haddonfield Borough)Haddon Ave
Haddon TownshipHaddon Ave
[Collingswood Borough](Haddon Township)Haddon Ave
Collingswood BoroughHaddon Ave
Camden CityHaddon Ave, Carmen St
ends at Federal St (537)

561A: ends at Haddonfield-Berlin Rd (561)
Camden CountyGibbsboro BoroughHaddon Ave
ends at Clementon Rd (686)
561B: ends at Clementon Rd (686)
Camden CountyGibbsboro BoroughFoster Ave
ends at United States Ave (699)
561D: ends at United States Ave (699)
Camden CountyGibbsboro BoroughBerlin Rd
ends at dead end
561C: ends at Route 73 (73/561)
Camden CountyWinslow TownshipS Cedarbrook Rd
ends at New Brooklyn-Cedar Brook Rd (536)

Alternate 561

End photos

ends at dead end
Atlantic CountyGalloway TownshipOyster Creek Rd, Moss Mill Rd
[Port Republic City](Galloway Township)Moss Mill Rd
Galloway TownshipMays Landing-Port Republic Rd, Moss Mill Rd
Egg Harbor CityMoss Mill Rd
Mullica TownshipMoss Mill Rd
ends at Duerer St (561)

Spur 561

Officially, the whole route of Spur 561 became
73 in the late 1990s; until then, it extended 73 from the Atlantic City Expressway (446) south to US 322. Spur 561 began where 561 joins 73 and multiplexed until 73 quit. Strangely, Spur 561 still might exist, much as 573 exists: entirely multiplexed with a state route and not in the SLDs. Only because I'm not sure if it's dead do I include the route log below.

End photos

ends at Black Horse Pike (US 322)
Atlantic CountyFolsom BoroughMays Landing-Blue Anchor Rd
Hammonton TownMays Landing Rd
Camden CountyWinslow TownshipFolsom Rd
ends at Cedarbrook Rd (73/561)


End photos

ends at Ventnor Ave (Atlantic CR 629)
Atlantic CountyMargate CityJerome Blvd, Northfield Bridge
Egg Harbor TownshipNorthfield Bridge, Memorial Bridge
Northfield CityMemorial Bridge, Mill Rd, Tilton Rd
Egg Harbor TownshipTilton Rd, Black Horse Pike, Tilton Rd
Hamilton TownshipTilton Rd
Galloway TownshipTilton Rd, White Horse Pike
Egg Harbor CityWhite Horse Pike, Philadelphia Ave, Egg Harbor-Greenbrook Rd
Mullica TownshipEgg Harbor-Greenbrook Rd
Burlington CountyWashington TownshipChatsworth-Harrisville-New Gretna Rd, Hammonton Rd, Chatsworth-Harrisville-New Gretna Rd
Woodland TownshipChatsworth-Harrisville-New Gretna Rd
ends at Route 72 (72)

Spur 563

Spur 563 was a short route just north of
542, connecting US 9 in New Gretna to 563 to the west. It is now Burlington CR 679.

End photos


End photos

ends at Route 206/Route 15 (US 206/15)
Sussex CountyFrankford TownshipRoss Corner-Sussex Rd
Wantage TownshipRoss Corner-Sussex Rd, Compton Rd, Lewisburg Rd, Route 23, Glenwood Rd
Vernon TownshipGlenwood Rd
ends at McAfee Rd (517)

Spur 565

Spur 565 was Branchville-Lewisburg Rd in Sussex County, now CR 628, connecting
565 west to 519 where 565 turns southward toward 15.


End photos

ends at Amwell Rd (514)
Somerset CountyHillsborough TownshipNeshanic Station Rd
Branchburg TownshipNeshanic Station Rd, Pleasant Run Rd, S Branch Rd, Old York Rd
Bridgewater TownshipOld York Rd
Raritan Borough1st Ave
ends at Union Ave (28)


End photos

ends at Quakerbridge Rd (533)
Mercer CountyLawrence TownshipProvince Line Rd, Princeton Pike, Fackler Rd, Lawrence Rd, Carter Rd
Hopewell TownshipHopewell-Princeton Rd
Hopewell BoroughPrinceton Ave
ends at Broad St (518)


571 is officially north-south according to NJDOT, which is the order of the log below, but most signage has it as east-west.

End photos

ends at Route 37 (37)
Ocean CountyToms River TownshipFischer Blvd, Bay Ave, Bey Lea Rd, Indian Head Rd, Whitesville Rd, Ridgeway Rd
Manchester TownshipRidgeway Rd
Jackson TownshipToms River Rd, Cassville Rd, W Commodore Blvd
Monmouth CountyMillstone TownshipTrenton-Lakewood Rd, Millstone Rd, Stagecoach Rd, Rising Sun Tavern Rd
Roosevelt BoroughClarksburg Rd, S Rochdale Ave, N Rochdale Ave
[Millstone Township](Roosevelt Borough)N Rochdale Ave
Millstone TownshipN Rochdale Ave, Perrineville Rd
Mercer CountyEast Windsor TownshipEtra Rd
Hightstown BoroughEtra Rd, S Main St, [S Main St](W Ward St, Mercer St), S Main St, Stockton St
East Windsor TownshipPrinceton-Hightstown Rd
[East Windsor Township](West Windsor Township)Princeton-Hightstown Rd
West Windsor TownshipPrinceton-Hightstown Rd, Washington Rd
Princeton TownshipWashington Rd
Princeton BoroughWashington Rd
ends at Nassau St (27)


573 was multiplexed (and still is signed) with the county maintained section of
41, formerly TEMPORARY 41 (go there for more history). The north end was at 70 and 154, which has since been reconfigured so that 41 meets 154 to the south. Since 573 is not in the SLDs anymore, the north end is somewhat ambiguous (if the route still exists at all, which is doubtful, but the route is still signed). 573 may end at the ramp from 70 east (where 41 turns right to get to and onto the state-maintained alignment) or continue north to the dead-end of Kings Hwy just before reaching 70.

End photos

ends at Black Horse Pike (168)
Camden CountyRunnemede BoroughClements Bridge Rd
Barrington BoroughClements Bridge Rd
Haddon Heights BoroughClements Bridge Rd
Haddonfield BoroughChews Landing Rd, Kings Hwy
Cherry Hill TownshipKings Hwy
ends at Brace Rd (154)


575 used to cross Black Horse Pike and continue on English Creek Road to meet Pomona Road just south of
US 30. This changed when the Atlantic City Expressway was constructed, severing English Creek Avenue and leading to 575 being rerouted west along US 40/322 to Wrangleboro Road. Relocation of Atlantic City’s airport from Bader Field and expansion of what is now AC International further severed English Creek Avenue/Road into three traversable sections (Atlantic CR 603, 604, and 605), with one inaccessible section inside the airport fence.

End photos

ends at Somers Point-Mays Landing Rd (559)
Atlantic CountyEgg Harbor TownshipEnglish Creek-Port Republic Rd, Black Horse Pike
Hamilton TownshipBlack Horse Pike, Wrangleboro Rd (Pomona Rd)
Galloway TownshipWrangleboro Rd (Pomona Rd), Mays Landing-Port Republic Rd
Port Republic CityMays Landing-Port Republic Rd, Pitney Rd
ends at New York Rd (US 9)


Millburn tried signing 577W and 577E in its town center, along with W and E versions of
527, on its one-way pair of Millburn Ave and Essex St. The shields have been replaced because these routes don't exist, but a couple of signal overhead signs remained for years after. 577 between 509 and 124 was turned into Spur 509 for no good reason, and 577 was thus removed from its short multiplex with 124. As of 2004, 577 was signed back over its old route again to end at 509, made official in the Straight Line Diagrams after 2006.

End photos

ends at E Broad St (509)
Union CountyWestfield TownSpringfield Ave
[Westfield Town](Mountainside Borough)Springfield Ave
Springfield TownshipSpringfield Ave, Meisel Ave, [Maple Ave, Main St](Springfield Ave), Main St
Essex CountyMillburn TownshipMain St, [Millburn Ave](Main St, Essex St), Millburn Ave, Wyoming Ave
Maplewood TownshipWyoming Ave
South Orange TownshipS Wyoming Ave, S Orange Ave, N Wyoming Ave
West Orange TownshipGregory Ave, Mount Pleasant Ave, Prospect Ave
Verona TownshipProspect Ave
ends at Bloomfield Ave/Pompton Ave (23/506)

Spur 577

Spur 577 was the continuation of Prospect Ave southward from Mt Pleasant Ave (where
10 ends at 577, which turns from Prospect as described in its entry above). It ended where Prospect Ave ends, at 508. It was renumbered to Essex County 677, although recent signage erected by Essex County has resurrected Spur 577. Since the dead Essex County Spur 527 has also come back to life, I attribute it to Essex County's misinformation for now.

End photos


End photos

ends at John Fitch Way (29)
Mercer CountyTrenton CitySullivan Way
Ewing TownshipSullivan Way, Grand Ave, Bear Tavern Rd, Jacobs Creek Rd
Hopewell TownshipJacobs Creek Rd, Trenton-Harbourtown Rd, Harbourton-Rocktown Rd
Hunterdon CountyWest Amwell TownshipHarbourton-Rocktown Rd, Route 31
[East Amwell Township](West Amwell Township)Route 31
East Amwell TownshipRoute 31
[East Amwell Township](West Amwell Township)Route 31
East Amwell TownshipRoute 31, Linvale-Harbourtown Rd, Old York Rd, John Ringoes Rd
[Raritan Township](East Amwell Township)Ringoes-Croton Rd
[Raritan Township](Delaware Township)Ringoes-Croton Rd
Delaware TownshipFlemington Rd, Ringoes-Croton Rd
[Raritan Township](Delaware Township)Ringoes-Croton Rd
Franklin TownshipRingoes-Croton Rd
[Franklin Township](Alexandria Township)Ringoes-Croton Rd, Pittstown Rd
[Union Township](Alexandria Township)Pittstown-Bloomsbury Rd
[Bethlehem Township](Alexandria Township)Pittstown-Bloomsbury Rd
Bethlehem TownshipPittstown-Bloomsbury Rd
Bloomsbury BoroughChurch St
Warren CountyGreenwich TownshipChurch St
ends at Route 173 (173)


End photos

ends at Main St (49)
Salem CountyQuinton TownshipAlloway Rd
Alloway TownshipAlloway Rd, Commissioners Pike
Pilesgrove TownshipCommissioners Pike
Upper Pittsgrove TownshipCommissioners Pike
Gloucester CountySouth Harrison TownshipCommissioners Pike
Harrison TownshipCommissioners Pike
ends at Bridgeton Pike (77)


583 is multiplexed with southbound
US 206 and signed (but unofficial) southbound Bus. US 1 south of the Brunswick Circle; northbound "Bus. US 1"/US 206 is a couple of blocks to the east. 583 once continued on Calhoun St and may have ended at the bridge into PA or else at 29, while US 206 and Alt. US 1 were both on Brunswick Ave. Now, US 206 southbound comes on at Lawrenceville Rd, and what is signed as Bus. US 1 comes in a block later. Where Calhoun St comes out of Princeton Ave is now numbered Mercer CR 653, so 583 ends silently multiplexed.

End photos

ends at Calhoun St (Mercer CR 653/US 206)
Mercer CountyTrenton CityPrinceton Ave
[Trenton City](Ewing Township)Princeton Ave
Lawrence TownshipPrinceton Pike
Princeton TownshipMercer Rd
Princeton BoroughMercer St
ends at Nassau St (27)


585 once extended a lot farther south than it does now. From SPUI, here is a list of the routes it used (all 6xx routes are in Cape May County), some of which are part of Ocean Drive, a connected series of seaside county routes:
52, 9th St in Ocean City, CR 656 (Ocean Dr), CR 623, US 9, CR 631, CR 610, 47, CR 657, US 9, 147 (the end of which is part of Ocean Dr), and CR 621 (Ocean Dr). It ended at 109, where Ocean Dr continued north toward its ultimate end at the Lewes Ferry. As you can see, this route was very unnecessarily convoluted, multiplexing with US 9 twice while wandering over to the Delaware Bay in between. Had 585 just followed Ocean Dr, it might have survived all the way to Cape May.

End photos

ends at MacArthur Blvd/Somers Point Rd (52/559)
Atlantic CountySomers Point CityShore Rd
[Linwood City](Somers Point City)Shore Rd
Linwood CityShore Rd
[Northfield City](Linwood City)Shore Rd
Northfield CityShore Rd
Pleasantville CityS Main St, N Main St
[Pleasantville City](Absceon City)N Main St
Absecon CityS Shore Rd
ends at Absecon Blvd (US 30/157)

Spur 585

Back when
585 went all the way to Cape May, Spur 585 was near its parent. It is now Cape May CR 618, which is the westward extension of 147 to 47; if you sneak a peek above, 585 turned from US 9 to 147 where Spur 585 would have jutted out west. Once 585 was retracted to Somers Point, the orphaned Spur route was euthanized.

End photos

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