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Welcome to the new and improved New Jersey Route Logs! Most information contained within, including most of the intact text, is courtesy SPUI, with minor edits and revisions by myself, and other attributions as provided by SPUI. From SPUI: "[These pages date] back to William Yurasko, who still [at that time maintained] a DC route log; the rest has been decommisioned 'per AASHTO guidelines' and turned over to various roadgeeks." The NJ route log was given to SPUI, since he already had the 500-series log, and upon the demise of his MIT website, the NJ pages were offered to me, and I heartily accepted. If there is any information or correction to be made on these pages, please email me.
The pages presented here include a new round of information, never published by SPUI. Some of the information (the Monmouth County routes) is quite detailed, while others (pages for Ocean and Middlesex Counties) are still works in progress. If/as I get more data for these pages, this site will continue to grow, but for now, here's what you can find here:

The page we all swear by: NJ Route Log (aka NJ State Route Numbers)

Control cities of New Jersey's routes
NJ Route Ends and NJ Multiplexes
A historical look at New Jersey's turnpikes (not the toll road)
Unknown highways - Legislated routes that never materialized or even got numbered. See the state statutes (click on "Statutes" on the left under "Laws and Constitution", search for "State Highway Routes", and click on "2 27:6-1. State highway routes set forth").
A semi-complete log of Bergen County routes and histories
A semi-complete log of Essex County routes and histories
A mostly-complete log of Monmouth County routes and histories

The format for a couple of these pages: Routes in italics are former numbers that are not currently assigned. The route log includes information, links to related pages, and a list of streets organized by town/city. One-way pairs are denoted by [northbound or eastbound streets](southbound or westbound streets), where the reverse direction (southbound or westbound) reads in reverse order.
The GR is the Great Renumbering, which took place on 1-1-1953. In the 1920s, NJ used a completely different numbering system.

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