New Jersey Roads - Locust Ave. Livingston-Roseland

Locust Ave., Livingston-Roseland

The old exit of Annin Dr. (with a brand-new street sign, but this old STOP sign) at Locust Ave., and a look at the former Annin flagmaking factory here. This will probably be another subdivision of Nob Hill.

Two embossed signs in either direction on the stub southern end of Locust Ave. Locust once continued down to Livingston Ave. as a major connector. Now, Becker Farm Rd. to the east carries that function (back when Locust was a street, Becker was a farm), and I-280 carries most of the traffic.

Leaving the end of the officially paved road and looking at an old narrow stone bridge that is so old it may never have had any more protection than this. Imagine accidentally being too close to the side of this. That's why traffic doesn't get to cross here anymore.

Walking north from just south of the bridge back up to the beginning of Locust Ave. There was a power company truck parked there, with someone inside for at least an hour, but I couldn't see any power facilities on the road to warrant that.

The Lenape Trail continues southward down Locust Ave., still with a good amount of the pavement that once carried through traffic from Roseland (Beaufort area) to Livingston. Where the old pavement isn't whole, it's at least rubblized.

Continuing down Locust Ave. past the end of the pavement. After crossing power lines, these photos look south, north, and down at a section of highway where it appears the pavement was removed but the original stone base of the road remains. It's possible that the pavement ends at the Roseland/Livingston border, and in theory, the road on the Livingston side may have never been paved - so this could have been the road surface itself.

Continuing toward Livingston Ave.

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