Alps' Roads Special - Jersey City Road Meet

Jersey City Invitational Road Meet, February 5, 2011

I was going to go check out progress on construction of the new US 1-9 Truck viaduct under construction between Charlotte and Tonnele Circles. Then I thought I'd invite someone along. A few more whispers and this turned into a road meet. I first took contributor and friend Doug Kerr down NJ 24 to Summit, where we checked out the "Yoda" blinker by the train station. From there it was back east on CR 512 to NJ 24, I-78, and north on US 1-9 to US 1-9 Truck. The meet was at the sadly now-deceased Skyway Diner, in the shadow of that majestic structure:

In front of the diner on a discouragingly frigid Saturday: C.C. Slater, Ian Ligget's father (well separated from his kin), Robert Sargent, Doug Kerr, Lou Corsaro, Anthony Costanzo, Ian Ligget, Adam Moss. I am customarily kneeling.

We headed up the old center ramp onto the Skyway and east to the Tonnele Circle exit, where we made our way into the local streets to park and walk around the future US 1-9 Truck connector. When our toes were good and solid, we hightailed it back to our cars and saw a few other area sights. First up was a drive east on the NJ 139 tunnel and back on the Upper roadway. We then got some more views of viaduct construction from US 1-9 by heading north and back south. The tour then took NJ 7 west to CR 508 and into Newark via I-280 to look at the old NJ 58 bridge, which has gone on to become a popular meet destination. The meet then went east through Newark on Market St. and Ferry St. back to US 1-9 Truck. We considered NJ 440, but decided on Communipaw Ave. (CR 612) east to Garfield Ave. and around to NJ 185 for a fun clinch of one of the state's least useful roads. We followed NJ 440 down from there to Bayonne for views of the bridge, then back up 440 to I-78 to check out the remaining original green steel gantries from the construction of the Turnpike Extension at Exits 14A and 14B. From 14B, we made our way back up Communipaw Ave. to US 1-9 Truck and parted ways. Doug, I, and a couple of others headed up Central Ave. to Fish House Rd., west on NJ 7 to CR 508, and into Newark to catch some hockey, the only fitting end to a fruitful but chilly day.

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