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Jersey City

The Jersey City skyline and a taste of Manhattan's Freedom Tower at left, seen from Montgomery St. EB.

Jersey City street signs, the first set at the Warehouse in East Hanover. (It's a big empty space for parties. Street sign parties.)

Some more of similar age to the first sign on the page, 2nd St. at Manila Ave. near downtown.

Just east of US 1-9 and just north of Tonnele Circle, at the other end of JC.

Nothing special about the sign, just the street name, looking south along Bergen Ave.

The street sign is normal, but the delayed green sign needs help.

Let's get some older signs back on the page, ones actually still in the wild this time. The last two photos are top and bottom of the same post.

By the way, I can get older. Wanna get older? Get to this one intersection.

Pulling back slowly out of street signs, here is an old sign attached with some street signs.

Who knew that Alexander Hamilton - yes, that's the Hamilton here - took up urban design? Learn about it on Washington St. NB in Pavonia.

Here with "signs you don't normally see cut out," Colonial Dr. at Briarwood Dr. just north of Bayonne, and Clifton Pl. EB at Baldwin Ave. nearer downtown.

This rusted veteran faces a driveway that exits onto County Rd. (CR 653) SB, right as it enters the US 1-9 jughandle in northern Jersey City.

The 2011 Jersey City Invitational Road Meet

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