New Jersey Roads - I-95/NJ Turnpike Int. 6-9 Widening - 2011

I-95/NJ Turnpike Interchange 6-9 Widening, May/August 2011

SB widening, overpasses taking shape, and new interchange ramps in May 2011 from Exit 8 (where a whole new connection to NJ 133 is taking shape) to Exit 7A (where a whole new connection to I-195 is taking shape). Exit 8 is the only new toll plaza in the widening, while Exit 7A adds the most new ramp mileage thanks to long SB and NB approaches to the north. 195 also wins the award for most important road widened, as the only freeway among bridges needing replacement.

Continuing south, the last photo looks east at Merrick Rd., the overpass just north of Richard Stockton Service Area.

One last SB run, from the service area through Interchange 6. The third-from-last photo shows the original abutment for the EB-NB ramp, which was later designated to carry the I-95 mainline that starts at the Delaware state line.

A lone northbound photo from May, exhibiting a future sign assembly over the future roadway.

Northbound in August, in the Exit 8 area up to the Monmouth St. (old NJ 33, now CR 633) bridge. The widening project is divided into several sections designed by different engineers, bid to different contractors, and proceeding at different paces, which is why you see completed ramps and overpasses in the SB photos above but you see only grading for the new NB lanes here, and nothing more than a barrier over the old Monmouth St. bridge.

More NB photos showing a relative lack of progress between Exits 8 and 8A. I don't think this was actually the last section to finish, because for all the work left to be done, there are relatively few structures in this area. Those are what take most of the construction time. The bridges in these photos are getting ready for their replacements to start going up alongside them.

Looking over at the newly formed Inner Roadway within Exit 8A, there's something under construction in the background. Ever since the last widening in 1990, which brought the quad-roadway configuration down this far, there were only seven ramps at 8A. Because of the merge just to the south, there was no need to build an onramp to the SB Inner Roadway. Well, now there is, so they're building it.

North of 8A, the remaining work is just to add a lane to the Outer ("Truck") Roadways on either side. The work is mostly done by August 2011, except some sound walls need to be replaced. This was also a good time to rebuild the Joyce Kilmer Service Area, which explains the blue tarps in the penultimate photo. The last photo shows the classic neon warning signs, and the Vierendeel truss to the right that will hold their full-color VMS replacements.

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