New Jersey Roads - I-95/NJ Turnpike Int. 6-9 Widening

I-95 and NJ Turnpike Interchange 6-9 Widening

From 1966 to 1990, the original six-lane Turnpike was widened to 12 lanes starting in Newark and ultimately making it down to Jamesburg. Everywhere the widening ended along the way (Exit 10, Exit 9, now Exit 8A) became a notorious chokepoint on a smooth and modern road. It's only natural that the widening would be extended further south in the continuing quest to find that point where traffic woes cease. The Turnpike Authority's betting on Exit 6 being the final merge they'll ever need to construct, although there are plans for further widenings to add one more lane each way south of there.

October 2010
May/August 2011
October 2012
January/December 2013

NJ 133 and Interchange 8

From Crosswicks-Hamilton Square Road

This sign is ready to go up over the SB roadway, which will become the Inner Roadway after construction. But is it really ready? The font is either too closely spaced or Series D instead of E. The patched "1 MI" and arrow greenout are obviously temporary, but the destinations look permanent. How can this sign go from 1 mile to at the exit? Simple: the existing interchange is on the south side of I-195, while the new interchange has long ramps to the north, which then divide between Inner and Outer Roadways and extend even farther north. It's really more like half a mile between new and old, though.

NB without construction
SB without construction
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