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New Jersey Turnpike

Why are the R's all brighter? Why are the corners round? What about that ampersand? In the Richard Stockton rest area.

Interchange 6-9 Widening

I-95/NJ Turnpike NB

I-95/NJ Turnpike SB

I-95/NJ Turnpike ramps

Vintage lettering on the Ackerman Ave. NJTA building in Milltown.

From when my camera broke, video captures of the Joyce Kilmer Service Area plaques for the Basilone Memorial Bridge (the inauspicious Turnpike crossing of the Raritan River), dating to 1951. Of note is that service areas were originally numbered, not named - Joyce Kilmer was 8N, being the eighth service area from the bottom of the Turnpike, and just happened to be located just south of Interchange 9. Service Areas 10N and 10S (Grover Cleveland and Thomas Edison) are actually north of Interchange 11, which proves the numbering is just sequential. Also of note, though it didn't come out in my darkened video, is that Interchange 8A is on the plaque, even though it didn't open for more than 20 years after the rest of the Turnpike. If the plaque was altered at that time, why weren't the service area names put in?

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