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west of Exit 47

A former HOV assembly is now completely empty.

2014 reconstruction of I-80 pushed all of the lanes all over the place to rebuild the original concrete roadway. One of the "express" (really through) lanes was moved into the "local" lanes to I-287, a huge benefit to those lanes that I wish survived construction. These photos progress south along Beverwyck Rd. (from Exit 45) during a time when EB had it much better than WB.

The I-287-related signs are all on I-80 Local (the C-D road), while the Exit 42 advance is on I-80 Express (I-80). It makes no sense to call them Local and Express - the Local road should just be considered a long ramp.

Pursuant to my mini-rant, a repaving project ended up fully signing all access points to I-80 Local, even from miles away, even though no one calls this road I-80 Local. All of the signs should have just said "To I-287."

On the I-287 North ramp and then bearing off toward Smith Rd. Note that US 46 has no exit number (it's really a ramp to Littleton Rd.).

Part of reconstruction of the I-80/287 interchange involved adding a traffic signal and redoing the right turn ramp onto Littleton Rd. It was nicer without a signal 22 hours a day.

Also visible from the ramp to I-287 NB: construction of a new ramp with a shallower radius to benefit trucks. It's now open.

In the eastbound direction, 42A is for US 202 SB and 42C is for US 202 NB. Due to the configuration of the interchange, there's no room for a loop ramp between I-80 WB and US 202 NB (which heads east for a little while), so all traffic goes SB and then NB traffic must cut over to U-turn. Realistically, traffic to US 202 NB should be signed along US 46 off Exit 43B.

The tiny I-80 BGS with the splayed arrows is new as of 2005. This structure may have once held information about the short-lived WB HOV lane, just like the blank overheads earlier in the photo run. Note that the 4th and 5th photos are left and right on the same gantry.

New versions of the Exit 35A sign, to help traffic along (not that there's anyone who couldn't have made a U-turn at Exit 37). The 1/4 mile is ugly, as the numerals should be smaller within the fraction.

The last sign, proscribing fishing or swimming from that crummy little bridge over the creek on a busy Interstate, is redundant with common sense - anyone who goes fishing there deserves whatever happens. Then again, so does anyone who stops to read the sign, like me.

These WB signs are new and seem okay, until you look closely. I would believe that the Exit 28 sign was designed with the intent of conserving sign material over meeting proper spacing specs. And the center sign in the Exit 27-25 assembly is a different color than the other two - the darker signs are probably newer, but not by more than a couple of years. If you've been around my I-80 pages, you'll remember this happened already, up by Exit 47 and the I-287 advance. In both these cases, the middle signs have a history to them (I-287 may not always have been signed as Exit 43 back at the express/local split, and US 206 has not always used a Netcong bypass), but that doesn't seem a good reason to me. The Growing Stage is off Exit 27B and is intended for children's theatre.

One sign is ugly, the other's insane. Or just button copy, and really belongs in the progression of US 206 signs that continues to that exit on the Netcong bypass. Follow the 206 link below. I would argue that the ugly sign is the insane one.

Somehow, these really old signs escaped the recent rash of sign replacement that claimed all the other cool stuff west of NJ 15. The last photo is the actual Delaware Water Gap.

NJDOT PA shield, or PennDOT shield in NJ? PA 611 was US 611, and once crossed the Columbia Bridge instead of simply being on the other side of it. US 46 has also used the Columbia into PA in the past, as well as an earlier bridge further south that has been partially washed out, leaving just the RR half of it.

A pair of old bridges, first an original part of the Exit 4 interchange, then an old railroad viaduct. The traffic is for the tollbooths over 3 miles away - if you don't like it, use the next exit to circle back to the Portland-Columbia Bridge.

Autumn overtakes the Delaware Water Gap.

Set the way-back machine to 1976, and set phasers to stun for this completely accurate and completely cool Michael Summa photo of what's now Exit 1. US 611 had used this part of I-80 before, and the roadway's age is why it doesn't have exit numbers posted (on this side of the state line, anyway). Now, US 611 (since become PA 611) is Exit 310, since mile-based replaced sequential exit numbering.

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