New Jersey Roads - I-80 WB - E. of Exit 47

east of Exit 47

The last photo is on Kennedy St. EB, past the end of the Exit 66 ramp.

The last photo is on Wesley St., which takes Exit 65 traffic to Green St. Exit 64B not only goes to current NJ 17, but to do so, it uses original NJ 17, now Bergen CR 55.

Just an ordinary advance guide sign, but squint in the upper left and you'll see why I took the photo. Normally I don't cover advertising errors, but the juxtaposition of I-17/I-4 with NJ 17/NJ 4 (even with the word "TO" positioned between them!) was too much to resist.

OK, so you can get to SB 17, and you can get to NB 17, which takes you to 4... why Exit 63? Actually, this is a result of the express/local setup coming off of the George Washington Bridge - having the upper level feed smoothly into the express lanes (though locals are, of course, an option) helps clear out evening traffic much more easily. By the time I-80 passes NJ 17, enough traffic has been siphoned off that the two sides can come together, and then the express lane traffic can cut over to access these two popular Jersey freeways.

Off of the Exit 64B ramp at Polifly Road, Bergen CR 55.

Old NJ 17 and NJ 4 shields on the Exit 63 ramp, gone now.

The first is on Molnar Dr. WB in Saddle Brook, within the Garden State Parkway interchange. The second is on the Exit 62B onramp from Saddle River Road.

Second photo is on the ramp to the Parkway.

The last two photos are on the left and right of the same gantry.

Here's an aerial view of the Exits 60-59 agglomeration.

The last sign is on the Exit 57B-A ramp. A normal 19 shield would look much nicer. Click on the second-to-last photo for an earlier version where the sign on the left was still button copy (it's not even in the main photo because it's just boring now).

Same as the previous photo, but now with exit numbers!

Recent construction signage (one each way) has created NJ 80.

Ah, how the times have changed. What once was rightly known as the I-287 exit (state-name shields, no less!) is now Local I-80. Now, there are no exits on WB Local 80 - all through traffic has to come back in at one of the next two opportunities. The first crossover is really for US 46 WB traffic to I-80 WB at Exit 47, and the second is for traffic entering from Exit 45. In the second photo, the I-287/Exit 43 sign is a somewhat lighter color green than the signs on either side. I believe the darker green is a new development, perhaps related to the grade of reflective sheeting, and I have no reference for what may have stood here before. Obviously, Mile 43 doesn't happen for quite awhile yet, but traffic not using this exit doesn't get another chance to cross to the local lanes.

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Exit 66 to Hudson St., Bergen CR 124
Exit 64B to Bergen CR 55
Exits 63-64 to NJ 17
Exit 63 to Essex St., Bergen CR 12/56
Exit 63 to NJ 4
Exit 62 to the Garden State Parkway
Exit 61 to CR 507
Exit 60 to NJ 20
Exit 57C to Main St., CR 509
Exit 57A to NJ 19
Exit 55 to Union Blvd./NJ 62
Exit 53 or 47 to US 46
Exit 53 to NJ 23
Exit 43 to I-287
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