New Jersey Roads - I-80 EB - E. of Exit 53

east of Exit 53

Exits 54 and 55 form a displaced partial cloverleaf together (54 is a half-diamond to the west, and 55 is a half-cloverleaf to the east). The final sign is at the top of the diamond ramp.

Guiderail is a precious commodity in the Paterson area, as scrap metal is easy money. I'm not kidding. This is the I-80 EB ramp to NJ 19 NB, which then ends in Paterson. The 3/4 mile advance sign is quite well hidden by trees.

The last three signs are on the C-D road for Madison Avenue; the all-caps one (courtesy Matt Kleiman) could be original to the Bergen-Passaic Expressway, one of the first pieces of I-80 built (I-80 was NJ 100 before the Interstates came into existence), and the non-reflective 58B BGS is probably original to the designation and numbering of I-80. The Exit 58B gore sign is the only button-copy gore sign I've seen on I-80.

The last photo is off the Exit 60 ramp, courtesy HNTB. Due to the configuration of the interchange, with many pieces looping westward toward Paterson, U-turns are not only possible, but end up signed due to other traffic entering the road (i.e. not everyone facing this sign came from I-80 EB).

EB mainline signage through Exit 62. The ramp has its own signs, though:

Exit 62B ends up turning into a C-D road, with Parkway traffic to EB 80 entering and thus getting access to Saddle River Rd.

Signs on the ramp to the GSP, giving you one last chance to avoid a toll (and get back to I-80 by following signs on Midland), and reminding trucks to keep out in friendly, rusty button-copy. What could that first sign have been?

I-80 and I-95 get into express/local setups before merging and running eastward to the George Washington Bridge (GWB). The express lanes are upper level only, while the locals have the choices of upper or lower levels, and get to exit as well - not counting the last-ditch exit on I-95 express just before the tolls. I-80's setup runs much farther than I-95's, starting about at the GSP, and with a crossover (last pic above) before I-80 ends at Exit 68. Before the area was reconstructed with a noise barrier, the last photo above had a counterpart sign next to it - click on it to see HNTB Corp.'s during-construction photo.

Very funky EXIT ONLY signage there, and the newly installed crossover LGS that is a result of extensive rebuilding of both local and express lanes in this area.

Hand-painted? North St. WB at Green St., which is carrying I-80 EB traffic exiting at Exit 65.

Too cheap for an arrow, eh?

Bear in mind, the last photo is a composite sketch.

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Exit 54 to Minnisink Rd.
Exit 57A to NJ 19
Exit 60 to NJ 20
Exit 60 or 68A to US 46
Exit 61 to CR 507
Exit 62A to the Garden State Parkway
Exit 62B to Saddle River Rd., Bergen CR 79
Exits 63-64 to NJ 17
Exit 63 to Essex St., Bergen CR 12/56
I-80 ends at I-95
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