New Jersey Roads - I-80 EB - W. of Exit 53

west of Exit 53

Starting off this page right, with a view of the beautiful Delaware Water Gap, though ugly I-80 WB traffic into Pennsylvania, from PA 611.

I heard you like Delaware Water Gap, so have some more in autumn.

A view of Mt. Minsi in PA, then thanks to bare trees in January, a view of the Simpson Rd. railroad arch before I-80 crosses under the viaduct itself.

Usually it's not standard to use a shield assembly to guide traffic at an exit. Here at Exit 4A, I-80 is just getting done overlapping original US 611 and later US 46, so now that US 46 begins here, the intuitive through movement, especially at night, takes traffic straight ahead and I-80 bears left. A little extra help never hurt.

These signs surrounding Exit 19 apparently all passed the test of time, since everything else in the area has been replaced.

EB button copy for US 206 and right down the ramp to the short weave for the Trade Center. This matches signs on I-80 WB (which is carrying US 206 NB) and the US 206 freeway-let. The Growing Stage sounds rather ominous and anthropomorphic, but does not do any growing of its own, nor is it an obscure reference to larval development - it is a stage for growing people (i.e. children).

Shields and directions, they go together, or should. The old sign in the second photo got it right, the overhead one that probably isn't coming down. Come on, how many do you need? Finally, the same problem you'll see WAAAAY at the bottom of the page - the Exit 28 BGS lacks green space.

I-80 was extended from Exit 28 into Netcong in 1960. This is over US 46.

Two signs off of Exit 28, facing SB on CR 631 - not only is this not US 46, and not only does this road only take you to EB 46, but NJ 10 won't begin for another two miles, in Ledgewood at the former circle. But NJ loves implied signage.

Whaaa...? At the beginning of summer 2003, I took pictures of both of these signs as Exit 33. Click on the first picture to see the initial photo, which I took because it had no exit tab. I took the second photo because of the odd placement of the arrow. Well, I returned that way in late August, and suddenly the first sign had not one, but two tabs, and the second sign had a new number on it! Exit 34 WB is for NJ 15, but EB had been numbered 33 because it uses a surface road to get traffic to both directions of 15. NJDOT apparently figured that 15 should have the same exit number in both directions.

After the Exit 35 ramp sign, a remnant of the HOV Lane that never gained popularity among New Jerseyans - probably because it took away a general travel lane during the most congested part of the day. I-80 usually doesn't come to a complete standstill when it has its full complement of lanes.

Newer and older state-name specifications, Hope Rd. SB at I-80 Exit 35.

The sign on the right in the last photo is not button copy - except for the "o" in TO.

The last two signs are from the C-D road that runs along I-80 EB. Oh, what happened to 42B? It's in use by I-80 WB to get to US 46.

A new sign with separated EXIT and ONLY panels is rare. The fact that this isn't Exit 45 is just weird. This is technically TO Exit 45, joining the I-287 ramps to form I-80 Local. It's more just a C-D road, though, as Exit 47 is completely accessible from the "express" lanes and the two roadways merge after that.

On the Exit 45 ramp - a few of these all-caps button-copy guide signs are scattered on exit ramps everywhere, but most have been replaced by reflective signs.

Views east from Beverwyck Rd. of the 2014 I-80 reconstruction. The EB side was in the process of gaining lanes on the right to prepare for losing them on the left, while just about the entire WB mainline was closed and crunched over toward the EB side.

The beginning of I-280, a left exit from the left side and a right exit from the right side.

Left 3, 3 Left. Left 3, 3 Left. She loves me! Not?

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Exit 4B, 28, 38, or 53 to US 46
Exit 25 or 27A to US 206
Exit 25 to the International Trade Center
Exit 27B to NJ 183
Exit 28 to NJ 10
Exit 34 to NJ 15
Exit 37 to CR 513
Exit 42 to US 202
Exit 43 to I-287
Exit 45 to Beverwyck Rd., Morris CR 637
Exit 47 to I-280
Exit 53 to NJ 3
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