New Jersey Roads - I-80

The first two are on Totowa Rd. NB and SB, respectively (the hanging arrow should point right), across the river from Glover Avenue and the I-80 Exit 56 area of Woodland Park (formerly West Paterson until 2009). The last photo is on little-traveled Troy Rd. EB at Mazdabrook Rd. in Parsippany.

I-80 Eastbound west of Exit 53
I-80 Eastbound east of Exit 53
I-80 Westbound east of Exit 47
I-80 Westbound west of Exit 47

Up close and personal on Spruce St. SB in Paterson, then Simpson Rd. SB alongside I-80 at the overpass leading into Columbia. It's not clear how to get to I-80 WB once you turn into Columbia, and I can't even figure it out even after looking at a map.

Right: Madison Ave. SB in Paterson at I-80 Exit 58.

Into Pennsylvania on I-80
I-80 ends at I-95
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I-80 on Steve Anderson's
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