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I-76 begins at I-295, a short distance north/west of the NJ 42 merge. Since the route's fully freeway, I don't know why I-76 isn't stretched over NJ 42 and the Atlantic City Expressway, unless NJDOT wanted to make sure 76 ended at a freeway. I-676 runs as an elevated freeway through Camden to US 30, which is already a Jersey freeway. I-76 initially went where 676 does now, but due to long delays in finishing the Vine St. Expressway through Philadelphia, as well as PA's inability to tie the Ben Franklin Bridge into PA I-676, 76 and 676 were switched early on.

A trio of photos on WB I-76, with the express lanes on the far left continuing from southeast of the interchange to keep through traffic clear of the I-295 mess. I-76 is numbered as if it's NB from the end of NJ 42, and advance signs on 42 have the exit numbers in expectation. Click on the last photo to see the old look of that gantry, with the sign on the left still in button copy.

Finishing the run of WB signs, ending at the Walt Whitman Bridge to Philadelphia.

Market St. EB in Gloucester City at the I-76 EB onramp, courtesy Scott Colbert; I-76 is about to end and you only get these two roads as choices once it does. This is Exit 1C heading WB on 76, where traffic can't go directly to US 130 SB and must use Market to cut over (and same NB-EB). On the other side of the slippery interchange, NJ 76C, the Walt Whitman Bridge connector, handles EB-NB traffic as well as I-676 SB traffic to US 130 NB.

Starting EB from the state line (with a video no less), down the Walt Whitman Bridge, to the first button copy in NJ. It's odd enough that the first exit number carries over from Pennsylvania (it shouldn't, that ought to be Exit 2), but it's even odder that there's an old exit number associated with it. I guess there's been a 50-plus year oversight as to which state Collingswood is in? Definitely the highest exit number in Jersey by more than double. The final odd thing about that sign assembly is the dual arrows for I-76. Signs shouldn't have arrows on (or in) them if there are arrows beneath; it just confuses the message. Especially if the arrows contradict, which fortunately isn't the case here.

These two photos, courtesy Doug Kerr, were once on EB I-76 just before it ends - the first one is quite old, and the US 130 shield may be a cutout! Note that EXPRESS and LOCAL are missing.

More EB signs, finishing with ramp designators old and new on the Exit 1B ramp. Photos 2 and 3 are left and right on the same gantry.

Some nighttime versions of prior photos on this page, just the signs. All of the lower banners on the first assembly have been added/changed for construction.

EB in the middle of the I-76/I-295 interchange, which is such that I-295 SB is directly alongside the I-76 EB/NJ 42 SB roadway, so that these are on the same gantries as these two signs, respectively.

Follow I-76 into PA
Follow I-76 into NJ 42
Exit 1A or 1B to I-295
Exit 1C, 1D, or 354 (ha!) to US 130
Exit 2 or 354 (ha again!) to I-676
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