New Jersey Roads - I-295

The original shield at top, now gone, was on the SB C-D road at Exit 57 (US 130). I left the milepost in so you can help this one achieve the same fate.

Southbound (south of Cherry Hill)

Northbound (south of Cherry Hill)

North of Cherry Hill to US 1

North of US 1 (former I-95)

Inexplicable installation of art outside Trenton, on the southbound side.

North is to the left. I-295 comes in from the Delaware Memorial Bridge (bottom right, with crossovers in case one of the twin spans needs to be closed) and ends up at the upper left. The Turnpike is spawned off the top of the photo at this massive interchange that includes NJ 140/CR 540 (bottom to top at left), US 40 (exits the Turnpike just to the east of here), US 130/NJ 49 (from left to right across the middle of the photo), and CR 551 (enters I-295 near the top right, leaves right away at 140/540 to continue north/left).

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I-295 on Steve Anderson's
I-295/former I-95 (Trenton) on Steve Anderson's
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