New Jersey Roads - I-195

The above signage means wide trucks can use I-195, at least just west of Exit 6/I-95. That part of I-195 acts as a connector between the Turnpike and I-295, the untolled parallel freeway, and used to serve I-95 SB traffic to Philadelphia via I-295 NB or NJ 29 to US 1. It got much simpler when I-95 was connected to itself in Pennsylvania in 2018 via the PA Turnpike, finally providing a continuous Philly-NYC route as well as completing the last broken link in the Interstate system (at least numbering-wise, if not roadway-wise).



Nonreflective signage on the I-95 (NJ Turnpike) exit, past the tollbooths. First photo courtesy Lou Corsaro.

NJ Turnpike widening construction, seen from the now-former I-195 entrance ramps at Exit 7A. The first photo looks south at the new Edgebrook Rd. overpass and the NB Outer Roadway under construction, and the second photo shows the future NB ramp sign, although you can't see the road (what you do see is the old NB offramp).

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