New Jersey Roads - Hunterdon County

Hunterdon County

Hunterdon County historical signage, both on Old York Road (CR 613). I came upon the first during a midnight Waffle House run (you would do it if you could), and it's at Pleasant Run Rd.

Keeping with the CR 613 theme, this is on South St. in Three Bridges, which starts at CR 613 and dead-ends right around this great sign and the accompanying railroad tracks.

Keeping with the Three Bridges theme, River Ave. entering that community from the Rockafellow Mill Road bridge. Since that would be a bridge, it's on the bridges page, linked above and below. This photo stays here because it's an overpass, one that looks to be dated 1922 (I sure wish that said 1822 but I have my doubts).

Embossed fun on CR 619 NB, starting on Harrison St. in Frenchtown.

West St. in Annandale, CR 641 SB.

More embossed fun, CR 651 NB leaving Stockton, courtesy Lou Corsaro's camera.

The curve I think was on Upper Kingtown Road in Kingtown (eastbound), and the Clinton Twp. sign was on Union Rd. in Clinton turning onto Ruppels Rd. by Quarry Rd. Both again taken by Lou's camera.

Courtesy Lou Corsaro's camera once more, Perryville Rd. SB at Main St. in Jutland, and CR 625 SB where it leaves Perryville Rd. for Mechlin Corner Rd. The part of Perryville right by CR 625 looks like it could have been a county project, but the second shield is too far away to make any sense to me. This one goes in the truly unique category (never mind that there are two of them).

In Bloomsbury.

Coryell St. EB and WB in Lambertville, matching the button copy on NJ 179 just to the south.

Looking south and north, the reason the crossbucks have never been replaced, even though the rails are still there.

Looking north on the Delaware Canal, still on Coryell St.

When the Porkyard first opened, you had to pitch in and keep your city clean. Now, the signs themselves aren't even clean.

Last photos from Lambertville, the church at the end of Church St. (WB at Union St.).
Bridges of Hunterdon County

Down the hill on Cider Mill Road in Wertsville, heading south toward Welisewitz Road.

Bridge details, and a view down whatever lazy creek that may be (one of the many tributaries of the South Branch Raritan River, is the most I can find).

River Rd. NB past an old railroad bridge, heading toward CR 523 in Raritan Twp.

A 1931 bridge on Black River Rd.

The remaining photos on this page are courtesy Lou Corsaro's camera. I'm not sure if any of them were taken by Lou himself, since I tend to be domineering when I'm in the car, but I'm sure ever grateful for his camera.

Old bridge plaque on a random local road.

Another random bridge on another random road. Unlike the other bridges on this page, this one is a pony truss, so called because the truss isn't full grown (it only comes a couple of feet above the roadway).

Buffalo Hollow Rd. WB over railroad tracks.

The Raven Rock Road bridge in Stockton. The last photo, a closeup of the plaque atop the far side of the bridge, actually helped our score in our Road Rallye - we figured out we needed to know the text on there to answer one of the questions, a question we were sure we had missed. ("Lambertville Iron Works Builders" was the answer.)

The Rockafellow Mill Road bridge, southbound near Three Bridges.

A NB look at the spindly truss.
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