New Jersey Roads - Hoes Lane

Hoes Lane, Piscataway

Old New Brunswick Rd. SB at Centennial Ave., where one original shield is gone but at least one remains. Hoes Lane begins on the other side of this intersection.

Hoes Lane SB from there, showcasing examples of the old signs and signals to be found on the road as well as the newer Piscataway town-stamped overhead street signs. All of the old stuff will be around a few more years until NJDOT moves in with NJ 18 - no sense in replacing signs that are about to die.

The corresponding NB sign at the high school has aged dreadfully. Not only that, but certain letters fared worse than others. E's are barely there, T's have disappeared completely along with S's, M's, and W's (just an upside-down M, really), while H's and R's are mostly intact.

Little blue signs adorn this part of Hoes Lane, Piscataway-erected for town government and facilities. This one is NB.

Hoes Lane splits into East and West here, West being to the right. Hoes Lane East and Hoes Lane West are completely different roads; West heads down to River Rd. (CR 622, former Spur CR 514) while East now becomes NJ 18.

Hoes Lane East SB at the beginning of the construction zone that is NJ 18.

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