New Jersey Roads - Hartshorne Dr.

Hartshorne Dr., Sandy Hook

Approaching the entry plaza, tolled in summertime.

As seen from a parking lot exit. As bad as the font is, it's partially excusable because this is a state park. Clearly, the Division of Parks and Forestry is not in the sign designing business, because the only thing they got right was the border. (It's not even the right brown.)

These SB signs leaving Sandy Hook are inexcusable. Part of construction signage, I hope they're mercifully executed sooner rather than later. The DOT didn't design these, but they didn't require them to be destroyed, either. I've never seen a font resembling this before - with that much effort to find it, who couldn't stumble across the correct font? Doesn't the contractor do other work with state highways that requires signing? The narrow-font signs are no better; although they use the FHWA font, it's a Type D squished down to a B width, which reflects in the varying stroke width of the numerals (the black part).

The one saving grace of construction is seeing the new bridge rise in the background while the old drawbridge is picked apart by cranes.

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