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Garden State Parkway SB, South of NJ 72

Notice how each exit has a different style BGS, or sometimes multiple styles together. I don't care if you're wrong, at least be consistently wrong every time so I only have to blame you for one set of things (in this case, squished CR shield and centered exit tab are the problems, followed by arrow location issues).

Wrong, very wrong, in yet another way. The US 9 shield is squished in yet another dimension, and not at all proportionate, and while the second sign gets it right, there are spacing and arrow width issues. The exit sign doesn't match anything at all (the font is very tall and thin, and the arrow is way too straight instead of tapered), and it sits atop a very short decel lane for a reasonably tight loop. Safe, it ain't. This is the other end of the multiplex that's briefly shown in the NB section as Exit 50 in New Gretna, and the original unmultiplexed US 9 (former NJ 167, now just mouldering away) can be seen in the background of the second photo.

This new sign at exit 48 has a cute tiny shield, though it makes the word "ROUTE" look a little redundant. It replaced one that was all text.

Yet another incorrect take at a county shield, along with an incorrect take at a US shield. The guide signs leave strange blank spaces as if there's a temporary message that sometimes needs to be displayed.

These US 30 shields resemble the more correct US 9 shield at Exit 48, but are still too narrow, and lack the black background that the rest of NJ has. Second photo courtesy Scott Colbert.

As you can see, some signs have the Expressway on a reversed color scheme, others don't. The rest of the signage up here's a little weird, too, but I've given up on this stretch of the Parkway. Worth noting is that the Expressway WB is Exit 38A, instead of a 38E/W setup or even 38/39. I guess the Highway Authority really wanted to emphasize that travelers should be heading eastward.

Adding thumbscrews to the torture rack, here are two more signs to make you gouge your eyeballs out in agony. The first needs shield backgrounds, a larger arrow, a larger exit tab, correct "EXIT" font, and no line between destination cities (well, AC was tacked on, but it should have been there in the first place. It's kind of important). The second sign... as I look at it, my stomach is turning. Glancing away for a moment, the county shield is too wide, and I don't like the recent trend of taking first the county name and then the word "COUNTY" out entirely from BGS's. You know the next step is to do the same to county shields, just like was done to US shields and all the old state route shields (did you know NJ shields had writing in them once?). Same exit tab and undersized arrow problems. By the way, there were two Northfields in NJ until Livingston Twp. sucked one of them up.

Attack of the hyphens at the bottom of the Exit 37 ramp.

New bridge coming over Patcong Creek northwest of Somers Point.

Now you pay $1.50, but the greenout covers "35¢ or token." The toll was doubled when the Parkway went to one-way tolling at most plazas, but that's still more than double the old toll.

The old US 9 Beesley's Point Bridge crosses Great Egg Harbor just west of the Parkway bridge. While I hesitate to call the Parkway one modern, Beesley's Point is ancient history, as it has been torn down after years of being closed. It complemented the Parkway bridge as a parallel toll bridge, the second-to-last in the state (leaving just Dingman's Ferry), and its demolition resulted in a US 9 detour between Exits 25 and 29 becoming permanent.

Two things you'll only see on the Parkway: pentagonal county signs and trapezoidal mile markers with reassurance "hats" every 10 miles.

Through the at-grade exits, including a comparison of the Exit 10 shields and signs on the left and right sides of the SB lanes. Mechanic Street is one of a few unnumbered exits from the Parkway in this stretch - at least one is a dead-end street with a signblade! Oh, and proof that one South Jersey contractor needs to be barred from future Parkway jobs, for as you can see these awful things resemble those further up this and the NB (link below) pages.

Even when you exit the GSP, no rest for the weary. Old shield at right, new at left - I prefer the true oval. The right shield, and the WEST one in the background, need the directional banner on top, and just maybe then EAST NJ 147 can have its right arrow back. Courtesy Scott Colbert.

A somewhat crowded exit tab, but at least this is standard Parkway fare.

There's a certain cachet to "Exit Zero," and after years of Cape May calling itself that, the NJTA listened and signed the only Exit 0 in NJ. Using the wrong US shield shape, without the ferry on a brown background, and implying that the Parkway doesn't end if you don't keep left. But they did it. The very end features a 2-digit shield and another "hat" marker.

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