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Garden State Parkway NB, NJ 72 to Raritan River

Classic signs, classic overpass just south of NJ 37/Exit 82.

Ignore the strange exit numbering for a moment (we'll get to that on the SB side), and pass the background-less shields, but pray tell what is that... thing... in the lower right hand corner of the second photo? Can the big signs not be read? This gross debacle is repeated just south of here as well. The last photo kills with cuteness but, sadly, is incorrect, as the curve sign should be a diamond, the speed should be an exit advisory, and the shield should be separate with its own arrow. Well, there shouldn't be a shield.

New sign on the new Exit 83 ramp, connecting to a new road (Lomell Lane). The old loop to US 9 NB is now supplemented by the ability to head in any other direction via Lomell.

In December 2012, this crane is preparing the median at NJ 70 for work to complete and connect Exits 88 and 89.

Starting at the Exit 88 onramp, here's the new C-D road leading over NJ 70, past a forest of structural bits and the new NB Exit 89 to CR 528, to where it meets the existing Exit 89 onramp to rejoin the highway.

More of the multitudinous county shield variations along the Parkway, and something you'll see every 10 miles if you're paying attention - a little "hat" on the usual mile marker.

Exit 98 is where NJ 138 and I-195 turn into each other. The first two photos are on the Exit 98 C-D road, which as you can see doesn't encourage through traffic (onramp toll and all). Exit 100 is just east of the NJ 33/NJ 66 split, so even though Exit 100B is really for NJ 66 WB, it'll just turn into 33 WB. What's not excusable is the lack of shield backgrounds (unless all of NJ wants to go this way) - this could be the Turnpike Authority influence already creeping into Parkway signage. Also, Exits 100A-B seem to have grown further from Exit 100 in the last photo (and why, when Exits 100A-B were added, wasn't the whole thing changed to 100A-B-C instead of 100-100A-100B?).

Just because I can, here is the scene from Exit 98 when it was slightly cheaper, courtesy Scott Colbert, and then when I drove by just as the price was changing (or the new 35 panel fell off).

The first sign precedes the Asbury Park toll plaza, and the second is just after as the lanes split. The lanes come back together at the Raritan plaza, just before crossing the Driscoll Bridge; traffic gets one opportunity to switch sides in the vicinity of the Garden State Arts Center. Oh, excuse me, PNC Bank Arts Center. Yay, commercialism. It's rare to see button copy south of the Raritan River, so these signs are spiffing for that reason. Also note the tiny reminder for trucks to leave the highway at Exit 105 (they never get to come back). The final photo is on the Exit 105 ramp.

Continue on the local lanes, and this original Parkway overpass carries the ramps from/to the SB side. I switched the order of "to/from" because the ramps are switched on the overpass - traffic actually passes on the left, and doesn't switch to the proper side until east of the Parkway.

Tiny shields don't preclude regular-sized numerals here in the local lanes (sorry, I took this shot from the express lanes), but they aren't standard-looking numerals either. The other exit signage for 117 is just fine.

Courtesy Scott Colbert, I can only hope there will be more and bigger signs here when construction is complete. Maybe something for the eventual 4-4 split between the Parkway mainline and Exit 129. For now, this is just a touch ridiculous.

Now that the final configuration is open, here is one of those 4-4 split signs. The reason it's 4/4 instead of 5/3 is so that traffic has a chance to recover if it ends up in the exit lanes. Oh, and maybe because the barrier has always been in the middle of the bridge. No complaints about the second photo, but I should have wished for "better" signs in the previous caption regarding the first photo. Also see 21 lanes of roadway (all with full shoulders) in the background.

Ongoing construction on the new SB span of the Driscoll Bridge (the original span is now only NB), January 2005. Go to the SB side (link below) for older photos and more information.

I don't know how, but Lou Corsaro was able to take a clear photo of the bridge plaque.

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Exit 82 to NJ 37
Exit 83 to NJ 166
Exit 83 to CR 571
Exits 83, 125, or 127 to US 9
Exit 90 to CR 549
Exit 98 to I-195, NJ 138, or NJ 34
Exits 100/100B to NJ 33
Exit 100A to NJ 66
Exit 105 to NJ 18
Exit 105 or 117 to NJ 36
Exit 117 or 125 to NJ 35
Exit 127 to I-287
Exit 127 to NJ 440
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