New Jersey Roads - Garden State Pkwy. - SB, Int. 48-63 widening

Garden State Parkway SB, Interchanges 48-63 widening

From mile 61, once the third lane ends from the 63-80 widening, down to the west half of Stage Rd. construction in 2012. The CR 539 overpass (4th photo) at Exit 58 stands in the way of being able to open to 3 lanes of capacity, and must be going next after Stage Rd. in 2013.

The only appreciable difference from June to December 2012 is that traffic on the north end of the project was shifted into the newly widened left shoulder already, but it was still in the right shoulder south of there.

Oh, I suppose the other difference is that Stage Rd. has gone from a bunch of sheeting to a whole new bridge in that time.

Across the Bass River, then across the Mullica River, in June 2012. These are the last pieces of the 48-63 widening to open.

The Bass River Bridge is moderately more complete by December.

Finishing up with the other half of Exit 48 reconstruction.

Over to the NB lanes through the widening
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