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Garden State Parkway and US 9
Beesley's Point stub

Until the Parkway's bridge was built over Great Egg Harbor, it came in here (south of the Harbor, we are) on a temporary two-lane connector, crossed with US 9 over the now-defunct Beesley's Point Bridge, and went back again. The abandoned lanes were given back to the weeds, but the weeds don't seem to want to take them.

Driving toward the stub on US 9 South, and then walking on up to and over the first barrier. Why are there two? The pavement right next to US 9 has been replaced with dirt and grass, but the old median divider remains (NJ's environmental laws would never allow this now).

Closeups of that concrete island, including a double-yellow left stripe on the SB side and evidence that the dirt underneath the median has sunk quite a bit over 60-odd years.

Facing north now, notice that the centerline pavement stripes were white - this was the fashion of centerline striping before the 1960's brought standardization.

The demi-loop that allowed US 9 NB traffic to enter the Parkway South.

Heading north on the stub for a little while, looking at the dashed white line that shows opposite-lane passing was allowed, and turning around and heading back to my car.

Scott Colbert's photos pick up where I left off, and he continues further down the stub.

Someone introduced a cactus to southern New Jersey, and they get along great. Another Scott C. photo.

Scott turns around and comes back toward US 9 where my photos pick up again.

Someone's backyard on North Drive in Beesleys Point (no apostrophes allowed nowadays) is the Garden State Parkway, and they play basketball on it. However, it's still state property, so they shouldn't.

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