New Jersey Roads - Garden State Pkwy. - NB, Int. 48-63 widening

Garden State Parkway NB, Interchanges 48-63 widening

The widening begins south of Exit 48, where a new median is going in. The ultimate goal is to extend 3 lanes each way down to Exit 36, but the Turnpike Authority has done it in stages (63-80 has been open for a few years, 48-63 is opening as I type this in late 2014).

Across the Mullica River to Exit 50, where a new US 9 bridge is necessary to accommodate the extra lane. Just look how pitifully useless the deceleration lane is, being squeezed by the work zone on the left.

In June 2012, the new lane is being added on the right shoulder, and the Bass River bridge is getting widened. The last photo is East Greenbush Road overhead at Exit 52. The old bridge is half gone, waiting to be gone for good. It wasn't even adequate for the original highway, since it lacked room for a shoulder.

In December 2012, the right shoulder now has a fully formed barrier and there is progress on the new East Greenbush Road bridge.

Now the new lane will be added in the median, since there's enough room for it. The second photo is at Stage Rd., and the last is at Exit 58 (CR 539), in June 2012.

In December 2012, the new Stage Rd. overpass is taking place on the far side of the bridge, and there's some progress at CR 539 though not as advanced.

Continuing north until the resumption of 3 lanes at NJ 72 (Int. 63).

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