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Garden State Parkway non-directional photos

I don't know where this is, but clearly not on the Parkway.

This is a standard Parkway entrance sign, made to look different from that for any other roadway. Unlike the cool green-on-white Turnpike entrance signs, the Parkway's are found at almost every entrance, from every angle. This one is on NJ 3 WB.

A side view from CR 657 EB, Stone Harbor Blvd., courtesy Scott Colbert, where it meets the Garden State Parkway at Exit 10. Exits 9-11 are traffic signals, the only case of such in NJ, though many NY Parkways have numbered exits at signals.

From the Great Egg Harbor Bridge, these photos look northeast at NJ 52's Ship Channel, Rainbow Channel, and Intracoastal Waterway bridges as it hops from Somers Point to Ocean City. You can see Atlantic City's casinos in the first photo and the Ocean City-Longport Bridge along Ocean Drive to the right of the second photo.

CR 651 at... Exit 36, courtesy Scott Colbert. Since NJ 36 turns into (now former) NJ 444R and NJ 444S - both Parkway ramps - this sign is particularly misleading.

This shield is inside the Telegraph Hill admin building. For being in an official building, I'm surprised it has the yellow and green reversed.

I can't assign a direction to this photo because it's on the northbound roadway in the Cheesequake Service Area but points to the southbound mainline.

GSP NB and SB exiting traffic comes together right around this old-fashioned one-way sign, which is for a maintenance road from the NB ramp to the SB ramp. Don't look for it anymore, though.

At the end of Exit 129, cars have these button-copy choices to make on the half-mile multilane spur to the northbound NJ Turnpike at Interchange 11. The 2nd and 3rd photos are on the left and right of the same gantry and showing off how the old rotating drums were powered. The gore sign in the last photo was installed upside-down.

If you're heading south as in the last photo, beware of the curve, it's mighty vicious, but unlike what the sign implies, there are not 25 curves here. Add "M.P.H." Or just subtract everything like on the second photo taken 10 years later.

Heading toward the southbound Turnpike, I picked a day when all traffic was shunted to the Outer Roadway. The inner one was not physically closed, so my guess is that there was a lot of congestion on the Inner Roadway ("car lanes").

Wood Ave. EB at Exit 131A.

Very thinly drawn sign on Valley Road WB entering the Clark circle at Exit 135, where traffic routinely backs up ΒΌ mile onto the Parkway, especially on the SB side.

I guess the new sign contract didn't include removal of the old sign, here in Harrison.

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