New Jersey Roads - Elm St./Neshanic Station Br.

Elm Street/Neshanic Station Bridge

The first set of photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro's camera and from bridge reconstruction in 2007.

Looking east across the North Branch of the Raritan River at CR 567.

Poking my way around to the north side.

Up onto the bridge, which is being extensively rehabilitated, and is in the process of receiving a new wooden deck (as of June 2007). I'm sure glad Somerset County and/or NJDOT (assuming it's not just locally maintained) decided to keep the truss instead of constructing an ugly concrete span, and have gone so far as to basically restore the original condition of the bridge. For once, kudos instead of raspberries!

Raspberry Kudos bars... think I'll take my snack break now.
The remaining photos are from a 2012 revisit with the bridge open.

Heading west across the now-open bridge.

An alternate way to head west, by foot on the southern sidewalk.

Closeup of the surprisingly thin steel members coming together.

Looking south at an old railroad bridge and an old mill, competing to see which has been out of service longer.

Looking to the north, this trestle does still carry train traffic.

While I'm on the south side of the bridge, here is... the south side of the bridge.

Heading back across east to CR 567, with a bonus photo from the sidewalk.

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