Alps' Roads Special - Upper Middle Delaware Valley Road Meet

Upper Middle Delaware Valley Road Meet, March 24, 2012

Yes, that's a long name, but I didn't attend the Upper meet or the Lower Middle meet, and a Lower meet would essentially be Philadelphia. This one started in Marshalls Creek, PA, which I approached on US 46. I'm not sure which bridge I crossed, but I definitely ended up on I-80 to US 209. Our first stop was about as local as you can get - back down US 209 to check out construction of the Marshalls Creek Bypass, which was the cornerstone of the meet. After that, we continued south on 209 and I-80 to PA 611 and River Rd. down to Riverton. Our next stop was the Riverton-Belvidere Bridge, which we took our time exploring before heading into Warren County and NJ. The next stop was up US 46 at its old alignment across the demolished Darlington's Bridge, now NJ 163:

After that stop, we followed US 46 to I-80 and the last exit in New Jersey, Old Mine Road, for a scenic drive up the Delaware River on an 18th century trail. We stayed in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area while checking out old bridges along NPS 615 and then came to a former bridge on Sussex CR 615. The meet photo came on Main St. in Walpack:

Starting at left: Anthony Costanzo, Carl Tessier, Michael Temme-Soifer, Dylan Lainhart, Robert Sargent, me, Keith Thomas, Travis Fuguet, Daniel Case, Daniel Greenstein, Daniel Adam Moss.

Coming out from there, I believe we took CR 560 across the Dingman's Ferry Bridge back into Pennsylvania and up US 209 to the restaurant once more. I probably just went home on I-80, as I have no further record.
What, you want a closing statement? I'm not that predictable.

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