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Cumberland County

The last photo is on Port Elizabeth-Cumberland Rd., cutting the corner from NJ 47 NB to CR 548 EB.

The last photo is CR 656 WB at CR 637, and all are courtesy Scott Colbert. Even though the arrows are correct, you really don't need to know what's behind you, since reverse is not a legal driving option (well... just don't argue with this one, k?). And ahead, the road dead-ends at a creek in a mile, so maybe you don't even need to know about CR 656 at all. To the right is Cumberland County-standard destination signage.

CR 609 has a problem in Bridgeton, and it's that it ceases to exist for quite awhile. It's not 609's fault, but Cumberland County's, as for some reason they put "S" and "N" inside the shields as directionals. To compound the problem, they redundantly put the directional banner above as well, and then made CR 609 junction its own bastard offspring. They'll probably paint the old bridge pink next.

The NB (first two) and SB (last two) sides of the Bowers Creek bridge on CR 653.

This bridge would be nondescript if it weren't almost 140 years old. It's on Mulford Ave. in Cedarville.

High St. NB and Rieck Ave. (CR 712) NB in Millville. The proper design is somewhere between the two.

While I'm on CR 698, let's head west to Buckshutem Rd. (CR 670).

CR 666 (the best number) EB at CR 634, one of many AAA-erected signs still standing in southern NJ, and once again courtesy Scott Colbert. As you see, there are more below, and as you poke around my southern NJ county route pages (the ones linked below are a good start), you'll see plenty.

Scott Sullivan inundates me with backroads AAA signs, and I couldn't be happier. The first is Bridgeton-Greenwich Rd. at Greate St., the second is CR 635 at CR 673 in Pole Tavern, and the third is Roadstown Rd. (CR 626) in Bridgeton. I figure these clues and the wording on the signs are enough for my intrepid readers to find these for yourselves.

Two more Scott Sullivan photos (more recently submitted), CR 620 NB (Greenwich-Shiloh Rd.) and CR 701 NB (Davis Mill Rd.) beginning at CR 642 (Stathem's Neck Rd.).

Ending with one from Barry Caselli, Glade Rd. (CR 616) WB at Thompson's Beach Rd.

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