New Jersey Roads - Bergen CR S-68

Bergen CR S-68, Ivy Lane

CR S-68 is nowhere near CR 68, which is a tiny route in River Edge. In fact, S-68 is considerably longer and more important than 68. One look at a map tells you what happened. CR S-68 now branches from CR 49, which heads west to CR 503. Then there's a several-mile multiplex before 503 turns from River St. onto Moonachie Rd. Once that happens, CR 49 resumes living on its own on River St. until it hits CR 124 on Bergen Tpk. a few hundred feet later. From what I can tell, CR 68 continued across the Old New Bridge back when it was the New Bridge. Now it's just a pedestrian bridge with a confusing name. When the new bridge was built, it tied directly into CR 49 in a north-south direction instead of CR 68 in an east-west direction. Thus 49 took over all of 68 to the east, but S-68 was not renumbered to S-49, leaving it an orphan.

WB west of Tenafly Rd. and EB at CR 505. Either one seems it could make the case of being older.

Same place as the EB shield above. This name belongs to CR 505.

It's hard to tell in this photo of old signals, but the left one is a unique old signal. The reason it doesn't look lit up from this angle is that it has a red thru/right arrow lit. That's a lot to show in an 8" signal indication on the far side of an intersection, and the arrows are drawn as thinly as possible to exacerbate it. You'd think "no left turn" would be good enough. This signal is at Dean St. a short block of where CR 501 SB unofficially joins it. (501 SB would multiplex with S-68 WB for a block if it were official.) The reason it's unofficial is that the NJDOT Straight Line Diagrams only show CR 501 on Engle St., which is now one-way northbound. Southbound has to go somewhere! The Bergen County map indicates that Dean St. is county-maintained, so the state must just be slow on the uptake.

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