New Jersey Roads - CR 93, S-93

CR 93 and S-93

As CR 93 begins from US 202, this is just about the first EB sign you'll see, so get your camera ready.

Long Hill Rd. EB and WB on the CR 502 concurrency. I have a nighttime version of the second photo on the CR 502 page, where you can see how those patches of bright and dark predictably translate to trouble reflecting. CR 502 joins Long Hill Rd. at Breakneck Rd. and continues east a few miles to Ewing Ave. It's rare for Bergen County to bring CR 93 along for the ride on a concurrency and have it pop out again on the other side when 502 leaves. Most other times, a 500 route will overlap a lesser county route starting at one end, so the route is peeled back to their junction. Yes, there are 502 shields on this stretch, just all new so not shown here.

The street blade where CR 93 bids farewell to CR 502.

After CR 93 reappears on Long Hill Rd., it transitions to Sicomac Ave. and gives birth to this spur route on Russell Ave. Whereas either a mutant tarantula or Land Octopus gave birth to the tree behind it.

NB at Ackerson Ave. (just across NJ 208) and SB at the beginning of S-93 from CR 87, Wyckoff Ave. All those destinations are for CR 87 SB, which takes a wicked curve and becomes east-west here. Notice that while Spur route are traditionally described as "S-", it's really more of a dot than a hyphen.

Closing back on CR 93, the old Wortendyke station is on Newtown Rd.

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