New Jersey Roads - Bergen CR 89, S-89/3

Bergen CR 89 and S-89 (and 3)

SB and NB shields just inside the Passaic County line on High Mountain Rd. What's unusual here is that this is also CR 3, and yet the higher-numbered county route is posted instead of the lower number. Unless CR 3 doesn't begin until the next photo. You can't tell. This is Bergen County.

CR 97 SB brings CR 3 to CR 89 on Ewing Ave. According to Charlie O'Reilly, CR 3 makes a left here, and Bergen County doesn't post END shields so it's plausible to think there was an arrow under that 3. So if that is truly the case, then I remain puzzled why it's not signed on CR 89. I also question why 3 comes down CR 97 instead of CR 89 from CR 84/4. It's more direct via 97 but an extra turn (only signed from this direction, too).

Summit Ave. SB just south of NJ 208, courtesy Charlie O'Reilly.

CR 84/4 WB and CR S-89/3 NB. With that many routes, do you blame Bergen County for only signing two? Well, yes, you do, but then again you're not following posted route numbers through Bergen County anyway. You're navigating by street name like everyone else does, because there just aren't enough shields around (or little green guide signs) to make intelligent decisions otherwise.

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