New Jersey Roads - Bergen CR 79

Above photo courtesy Doug Kerr.

Saddle River Rd. (CR 79) SB at Red Mill Rd., the connection across NJ 4 for CR 79 to continue north. The bridge dates to 1922.

SB through Glen Rock to where CR 79 (and overlapping CR 9) bear left off of Prospect Ave. onto Saddle River Rd.

Between the identically misprinted speed limit signs on Prospect Ave. and Ackerman Ave., a lot happens in the northbound direction. First, Prospect Ave. bears right as Ackerman Ave. begins to the left. CR 9 leaves CR 79 when Prospect does to follow CR S-79 instead. Historically, there was no CR 79 here and CR 103 followed Ackerman Ave. Now, how official is CR 9, since all it does is overlap other routes? Since all of the Bergen County shields are around 30-40 years old, there's no knowing. At least we know CR 103 is gone because once you're on Ackerman the CR 79 shields pick up again, including one right next to the 1929 railroad bridge.

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