New Jersey Roads - Camden CR 753

, Creek Rd.

Creek Rd. eastbound, which as you can see turns into NJ 42. Or it's missing an arrow. Same difference.

More old shields westbound, at Edgewood Ave. and Harding Ave. respectively (the two residential streets that serve double duty as exit ramps).

Edgewood Ave. NB, taking traffic from NJ 42 NB Exit 14 to Creek Road. All of these signs are old, but only one is embossed and only one is nonreflective. The one that's neither embossed nor nonreflective is incorrect; by process of elimination, you should know which one, and by looking at this page's titlebar, you should know which digit as well.

And Edgewood Ave. SB, turning in the last photo onto NJ 42. Except if you follow the sign, you end up taking the offramp and heading the wrong way on NJ 42. I do hope this gets fixed before someone comes through here at night who's unfamiliar with the area.

Yet another embossed truck route sign, Stanley Ave. NB at Creek Rd./Essex Ave.

Speaking of Essex Ave., here's the white line in the center of it at Creek Rd., a throwback to the 1960's at the latest. As you see in the first photo, the double yellow is right there, so why hasn't this been converted?

Similar old stuff to what you've seen already, Harding Ave. NB (from NJ 42 SB Exit 14), but the second sign is gone now leaving just the one on Edgewood Ave. Camden County has trouble with its 7's?

One last old NJ 42 shield, Harding Ave. SB.

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