New Jersey Roads - Camden CR 706

, Erial Rd.

Photos progress from east to west.

Taken westbound, the SPUR should be on top of the shield, the CAMDEN COUNTY should be deleted for clarity (since the overhead signs have limited height), and most importantly, this should be FHWA Highway font. However, Camden County seems to use its own font, or else accepts a certain non-FHWA default.

The new style of Camden County Route shield, also seen atop the page where it was taken by Lou Corsaro.

Westbound signs leading up to the beginning of a short multiplex, courtesy Lou Corsaro. The LGS is old, and the BGS speaks for itself in the second photo. There really is no need for the surface Little Green Signs, since there are plenty of arrows overhead as it is, and they do a good job. The LGS's also do a good job, even if they leave CR 534 West out of the right lane, but pick one, Camden Co.!

On the other side of NJ 42, I like the signs a lot better. These are both CR 706 EB, on the left and right sides of the road, respectively. They probably date to the construction of the 42 freeway (well, the 706 shield appears to be newer), since that's what realigned the west part of Erial Road to come to this T. (Another clue: the LGS is state-spec, something I've never seen erected by any county.) Pine Hill is reached via CR 706, and Clementon is reached via CR 534.

CR 706 changes to Almonesson Rd. as it heads toward its eventual end (back at CR 534 in Deptford). This demonstrates that east or west, Camden does overhead signs worst.

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