New Jersey Roads - Bergen CR 69/5

Bergen CR 69/5

All photos taken northbound. That's out of necessity, because Lincoln Ave. straddles the county line. Only the 0.3 miles of Wagaraw Rd. have a CR 69/5 SB, and there's nothing interesting there. The other side of Lincoln Ave. is Passaic CR 653. You won't find a CR 69 shield because the entire route is duplexed with CR 5, and when Bergen County introduced the overlay routes from 2 to 21, several routes that were entirely concurrent were simply dropped from signage. The NJDOT Straight Line Diagrams still recognize the old numbers, though, not the overlays.

Don't get me wrong, Fair Lawn is a nice town. But it doesn't do itself any favors with an old, darkened sign showing an incredibly simple and not necessarily beneficial slogan that furthermore had to be attributed to someone. You know, "great" is actually a step or two above "better." An "even better place to live," now that might do the trick. Jake Janso, sorry, you don't cut the mustard. Or maybe you do, because mustard doesn't require cutting, just like this slogan didn't require enough thought. Now that I'm done, click on the first photo for a shield closeup.

Continuing north inside Fair Lawn. Again, with the money this town has, can't it afford a new sign once every 40 years? I'm not asking that of Bergen County - quite the contrary; I'd rather the old shields stay up and the other signs get replaced. But then I wouldn't have this page.

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