New Jersey Roads - Camden-Gloucester CR 689

Gloucester-Camden CR 689
Cross Keys Rd. and Bypass

I start off heading east from CR 655 and end up heading north before I've even started to curve left at the original 689 alignment. It seems like the direction of CR 689 changed in the center of Cross Keys before the bypass was built, so the beginning of the bypass was picked as the new point. The other end would make more sense because while the bypass never heads as much as 1 west, it definitely heads a bit south after crossing CR 654.

This is across from the NB shield, west of the end of the bypass. So maybe the first "East" is in the wrong.

One of the hallmarks of the Cross Keys Bypass is its unique signage. Though non-standard in every way, it's hard to say what you would really correct, especially without adding a ton of complexity to the sign. If it does its job, Gloucester Co. hopes you'll leave it alone.

More unique signage SB, starting at the beginning of the bypass and old CR 689. Both ends of 689 were cut off at the old six-way intersection in the middle of Cross Keys, making it a more normal (and safer) 4-way. Since old CR 689 is now just residential streets, this isn't the worst thing, and both legs retain access to non-bypass roads (though northern leg traffic would have to go through a movie theater parking lot).

The dead-end leg that once took CR 689 NB out of Cross Keys.

SB on the rest of the northern half of old 689. Only emergency vehicles can go through to CR 555/654, unless you feel lucky.

If you did feel lucky, or went around the legal way via 555, access to the southern leg of former CR 689 is off of CR 654 just west of central Cross Keys.

As far as I can get out of town heading SB on the old road.

Coming back north (I could have also headed west on a cul-de-sac extension back to the bypass), I am rewarded with old signs from before this road was closed off and a remnant of the old connection to the six-way intersection.

NB courtesy Scott Colbert.

Breathe in, and try to get this out without collapsing. For a little stretch, Erial Rd. suddenly gains a whole bunch of new syllables (Blenhem-Erial-New Brooklyn). This is SB.

NB at US, not NJ, 30, with the last photo courtesy Scott Colbert. Does "US" stand for "Ugly Shield?" The second assembly is useless because it's just a normal intersection with a short right-turn ramp.

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