New Jersey Roads - Camden-Gloucester CR 681

Camden-Gloucester CR 681
Good Intent Rd./Lower Landing Rd.

Gloucester CR 681 exists on a technicality. To demonstrate, the first photo at the southern end of 681 is still in Camden County. Except for about 300 feet, the route is all Camden.

Close your eyes for a second as your brain adjusts to the horror that is Camden's traffic signal signage. Focus on the old signal and not the new sign.

Like the three photos before it, this is northbound. Only this rogue sign dares to disagree. Considering I'm heading northwest at this point, this sign never made sense.

This atrocity is SB at Lakeview Dr. It's good there's no ramp to NJ 42 SB so that this doesn't breed.

How can the NB sign be so wonderful when the SB one was that horrible?

There was once a motel at the corner of CR 681 and NJ 168. You can guess how much of it is left. (Also notice that "681" has the same digits as "168" in a different order. Coincidence? Is this motel magical?)

In front of the American Legion building at the north end of CR 681.

The worst came first, and the best comes last, but it's purely how the route is laid out. This old guide sign is on CR 683, Chews Landing Rd., WB at CR 681/Lower Landing Rd.

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