New Jersey Roads - Salem CR 672

Salem CR 672

CR 672 is born out of CR 635, courtesy Scott Sullivan.

SB leaving Woodstown.

Unfortunately spelled Ashebrooke Ave. EB at Maine Ste. (no, thank goodness, that's still Main St.). Is Ashbrook somehow not a pleasant enough name?

CR 672 SB over that bridge, and looking back west across Memorial Lake at Mill St., which is thankfully not Mille. The Woodstown link at bottom has photos from there.

Continuing north past Green St. toward the end of the route. Click on the last photo for a closeup.

The top sign is screwy, the bottom sign is old. What elementary school's project was cutting out letters for a highway sign? Why didn't I go there?

CR 672 ends, NJ 45 NB continues straight, and this building is on the northwest corner.

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