New Jersey Roads - Atlantic CR 666

Cape May Ave.
Cursed is the man who dares shortcut NJ 49 and CR 557.

Courtesy William Gresham, this brand-new shield is right where the one atop this page was when I took it. Of course, someone else took it in a non-photographic way. People, signs are cool, but please don't collect them while they're still useful. That being said, according to William (and I agree), it seems Atlantic County is learning not to make any new shields for this route, so as you see this is a different 6x6 route with a middle digit patched. I would expect this trend to continue for awhile, until Atlantic County gives up and renumbers the route (but it seems to be making a stand).

Scott Colbert got such an amazing closeup of this older, cracked sign that I'm able to show you that Atlantic County DPW doesn't take itself seriously - click for why. The signs closer to NJ 49 tend to get stolen (since they're by a major highway), while those closer to CR 557 tend to get crossed instead.

When I went in 2010, there were no CR 666 signs at all for several miles - all gone, possibly never to be replaced. Finally, this far off of NJ 49, they started to show up. No crosses, no patches.

This is a few miles south of the mainline CR 666 shields, but it couldn't escape the religiously devoted. There's a little dimple of a cross right in the lower center of the sign.

Atlantic County gets into the act a little more, and semi-intentionally skews this crossroads sign into a cross roadsign. I say semi-intentionally because there are several of these throughout the county, but they are not made particularly for CR 666. Courtesy William Gresham.

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