New Jersey Roads - Warren CR 661

Warren CR 661

SB at the very end of the route, Main St. in Johnsonburg.

CR 661 NB. Wait, wasn't CR 519 back there a little way? Yes, but CR 661 in Johnsonburg is old CR 519 (which was aligned to bypass the town for some reason - couldn't have been the traffic), so here it comes back to meet its new alignment. CR 661 then bounces off CR 519 and doesn't return. The last 2 photos are top and bottom of the same assembly.

Now that I've explained that, this is SB at the more northern CR 519 junction, where CR 661 bounces off to the right to Main St.

Continuing NB under the Lackawanna Cutoff. Every tunnel in Warren and Sussex Counties appears to be under this one railroad.

SB through the same tunnel.

NB on an old alignment of Ramsey Rd, whether or not it was ever an old alignment of CR 661 (depends on when the route was designated and when this was bypassed, but my guess is "not.")

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